Outbreak on Union Street? Did Aberdeen’s Unionists cause this spike?

Aberdeen Labour Group leader, Jenny Laing getting close-up and mask-less with the Michael Gove, last week. How many did he bring? From where? Did they meet inside? Did they kiss? Too much.

From a source in Aberdeen:

There is a faction of Unionists in Aberdeen who are fanatically anti-SNP anti-Nicola Sturgeon.  They have been deliberately ignoring all the rules to “show support for Boris” and encouraging others to do the same.  I understand this includes giving false details, and not giving details at all.

Here’s Laing today getting in her first attempt to pin the blame onto the Scottish Government.

16 thoughts on “Outbreak on Union Street? Did Aberdeen’s Unionists cause this spike?”

  1. I kid you not and given the track record of the British State that when it comes to dealing with colonies that are of vital economic importance to their wealth
    Then it is NOT beyond the realms of fantasy that spreading of disease amongst
    The natives is a justifiable and legitimate
    Seriously Know thy Foes

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    1. Not so far fetched as this blast from the past shows:

      “The UVF said British intelligence planned to provide it with a spoonful of ‘Anthras’ ( sic), ‘Foot and Mouth Disease, Fowl Pest, Swine Fever and Jaagsikpi’ to be released in Ireland. They plan by doing so to destroy Éire’s economy and to make the Éire Government increase border security.’”


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  2. Don’t they have a number of British Labour councillors presently under “suspension” from their party after forming a Better Together alliance with the Tories?

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  3. How long before Dross and the MSM claim a constitutional motive to the lockdowns in Dumfries & Galloway and Aberdeen by claiming (falsely) that NS is obviously targeting Tory supporting areas and not following the science? It’s the obvious next SNPbaaad claim.
    You heard it here first!

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  4. Put nothing past the BritNats. That photo shows a group of people who did not need to be there at all, and in such close proximity with not one of them wearing a mask, all I presume from different areas of Scotland and of course some who travelled into Scotland. You would be forgiven for thinking they absolutely do not give one jot about actually taking measures to avoid spreading Covid19 going by that photo. What an utter disgrace. They should all be tested and action taken if found to have spread the virus into the areaa.

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    1. That’s a good one. And who knows, was that photo/image even in Scotland? Princess Maggie/ some Lewellyn guy in the Caribbean anyone! But you’re correct, they’re resting the waters, and ma Heidi, the shower o’ deceitful treasonous bar stewards. Stay safe, Slaint, ‘Freedom’ (asap) Ray Gethin


  5. I just remembered. I’ve been on quite a few AUOB marches – and the only place we got verbal abuse from a local was – you guessed it – Aberdeen.

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    1. How far would they
      If it were not for the modern interconnected world which we now inhabit
      Then they would stop at Nothing
      The only thing the elite of England care
      For is their wealth no matter what
      And when Gerry Adams woke up to that
      Simple fact and started bombing buildings
      On the mainland
      That such a policy would bring the Brits to
      The negotiating table far quicker that their troops being sent home in body bags
      Know thy foe

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      1. When you see what they did to Corbyn, if they have limits they are virtually non-existent.
        I am absolutely sure that the SNP are under-estimating the enemy considerably. Michael Gray has the right idea. We have to take the fight to them.
        The SNP don’t seem to know how to do anything other than talk! We are doing a Chamberlain.


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