Can Covid-19 halt the steady decline of Radio Scotland?

The graphs above from Ofcom’s Media Nations Report 2020 Q1, reveal an ‘uptick’ in the reach of the BBC’s local radio in Scotland, in the first quarter of 2020, as listeners sought regular updates on the outbreak.

The Tusker also surged, doubling its audience between January and May but then falling again in June and July. It will be interesting to see how the BBC figures adjust as we emerge from lock-down. There seems little reason to doubt that they will fall too.

Looking at the trend until the outbreak, the reach of the BBC’s local radio in Scotland had fallen by more than 20% in only six years. The trend, unless Covid-19 has some magical longer-term effect, is down.

5 thoughts on “Can Covid-19 halt the steady decline of Radio Scotland?

  1. The steady decline in audience share matches the steady decline in the quality of its journalism and steady decline in its willingness to examine the problems that confront us as a country.

    It portrays a negative vibe toward every aspect of life under the Scottish government, yet is absent without leave in respect to Westminster’s role in Scotland.

    I have just heard on radio 4, the intro for Alex Massie—Scottish Editor of the Times, and Shona Craven from the pro-independence National.
    Why no reference to the anti-independence nature of both Massie and the Times?
    Other than BBC bias?

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  2. Credit where it’s due – Laura Maxwell on BBC Radio Scotland’s GMS this morning interviewed Alok Sharma, the UK government’s Business Secretary, about various issues (the bomb in Beirut, coronavirus vaccines, border controls…) Around 2 hours 23 minutes in she asks him , “Are you comfortable with the fact that England regularly still shows daily death figures of between 60 and 100, when the other nations of the UK are regularly posting no daily deaths? What are they doing better than England?”
    He didn’t answer the question, but spoke about how they were making progress, the NHS hadn’t been overwhelmed, blah, blah, blah.
    She pressed him, saying he hadn’t answered her question and also asking about the ‘four nation approach’ that Michael Gove mentioned last week. His response mentioned SUPPORT to other parts of the United Kingdom! Eh? Was he implying that the other nations were doing better than England because England was helping them?
    Worth a listen but don’t expect a clear answer from him!

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  3. The BBC are ‘toast’ once Scotland is independent, and they know it.

    Scotland not having broadcasting powers must be the gift that keeps on giving to the BritNats every minute of every day, 24/7 lies and bias, anti SNP and propaganda. There’s a reason the English (UK) government made sure to reserve broadcasting powers to themselves, I think they have a crystal ball you know or is it past experience, give your enemy a voice and you lose and they so want to not lose.

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    1. Precisely. They’ve been doing this in multiple mediums for hundreds of years. They are ruthless and utterly cynical at all levels.
      For many in that organisation it’s a pathway to wider audiences and more opportunities for self-enrichment and they buy into it completely.
      Some, like Derek Bateman, are the exceptions.

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  4. It’s unlikely that the behaviour of the State Propaganda Unit in Scotland has activated a hitherto undiscovered loyalty switch, even in older people (I’m 63 – so well older than me).

    They can only go on sucking the will to live out of folk for so long before all but the suicidal minded turn them off forever.

    I can’t see their audience figures doing anything other than shrivelling.

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