SHOCK: Lyn Davidson reveals Covid-19 deaths in English hospitals far worse than in Scotland

This morning on Good Morning Scotland, Lynn Davidson, the Sun’s Westminster Correspondent was keen to expose the First Minister as less capable than she might appear:

About the dreadful figures in care homes and the number of deaths which is something like, in England and Wales, 28% of all fatalities, involving coronavirus whereas in Scotland it’s 47%. It’s been really terrible in care homes in Scotland.

It’s no surprise her favourite follower is Glenn Campbell.

There is a wee problem with Davidson’s grasp of percentages but more on that later.

Following her logic, if you will, with 72% of all fatalities thus being out of care homes it seems that it’s been really terrible in hospitals in England. When that emerges, Boris will be in trouble with the electorate.

Of course, it’s flawed logic.

With the care home deaths, though some might be challenged enough to think that Davidson has demonstrated that things were far better in England & Wales, those with more tightly screwed nuts will have spotted that you need to find the number of those who died as a percentage of those just in the homes or maybe as a percentage of the national population and then compare those two percentages to get a meaningful comparison.

When you do that, you find the death rate in Scottish care homes was 10% lower.

3 thoughts on “SHOCK: Lyn Davidson reveals Covid-19 deaths in English hospitals far worse than in Scotland

  1. Heard her , and she was going hammer and tongs at it , with hardy an interruption , she said on the domestic front the SNP are rubbish , maybe not word for word but it is what she implied , of course she didn’t talk about England having the worst excess deaths in EUROPE !

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    1. Her and others’ lies are a disgrace, people can see for themselves how well the ScotGov have managed to stem the tide of infection etc (against huge odds of course as usual) but the so called media are terrified that Nicola Sturgeon and her government have become the voice of reason in a sea of confusion ( I should make up song lyrics, cliche ones lol) of insurmountable neglect by the Eng(UK!)Gov.

      Scotland is up against a monster and it’s not just Covid19!

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  2. What I thought was most revealing in the exchanges you are talking about was that the BBC interviewer, Ms Isabel Fraser, was actually, acting as a ‘feed’ for the two Tory supporters being interviewed (as against one for the SNP). Like the Saturday edition of the programme, also fronted by Ms Fraser, much of the time was spent telling us how wonderful a person mr Douglas Ross is and how the role of the ‘ever-popular’ “Baroness (but not yet) Ms Ruth Davidson is and the feistiness she willbring tothe opposition.

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