The Herald wins giant fib of the year award!

Speaking to us today, Professor Andrew Watterson of the Occupational and Environmental Health Research Group at the University of Stirling, said:

My assessment is that the Scottish Government has done better than the UK Government on dealing with COVID-19 and that Test and Protect is a better system for protecting workers than the one operating in England. Also the SG consultation with workers through TUs, their recognition of the role of roving TU safety reps in dealing with COVID and their willingness to involve workers and others in developing guidance for a safe return to work after the lockdown reveals far better practice than that of the UK government. Of course the SG made mistakes – often due to early following of UK lead – but far fewer than Westminster and if budgets and powers for worker health and safety had rested with Scotland and not with the UK Government,  as it is still a matter reserved to Westminster, they would have done even better.

You can see above, how Tom Gordon’s report in the Herald has turned a series of failings by the UK Health and Safety Executive into an apparent failure by the Scottish Government. Gordon seems not to have spoken to Professor Watterson. Health and safety law is reserved to the UK Government and is the same across Great Britain.