It’s not pubs instead of gyms and pools. Should we follow England into another wave of infection?

In the Herald today, following Adam Tomkins and BBC Scotland’s irresponsible call for gyms to re-open ahead of schedule, Graeme Macpherson, ‘freelance sports writer‘, repeats the confused Temperance thinking:

Note that he does not ask why, with deaths flat-lining and new infections surging, England’s gyms have opened?

If you don’t think for a minute, you might agree with him but, do think. When you are exercising vigorously you cannot help but gasp for breath, in and out, projecting a plume of droplets for at least two metres and, a massive spray of aerosols, unaffected by gravity, for far further distances.

I’m no scientist but I would not go anywhere near a gym.

In a pub, sitting comfortably, you might after a few drinks project your voice a bit more than is desirable in the circumstances but the plume will be much smaller.

Is this just my opinion? Is there science which the Scottish Government is following? Yes:

During 24 days in Cheonan, South Korea, 112 persons were infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 associated with fitness dance classes at 12 sports facilities. Intense physical exercise in densely populated sports facilities could increase risk for infection. Vigorous exercise in confined spaces should be minimized during outbreaks.

So, Graeme, zero deaths in Scotland for more than two weeks now. How many would you be comfortable with to help the opposition score a point over the SG? Ten? More? When you decide, let me know and cc professors Sridhar and Bauld.

8 thoughts on “It’s not pubs instead of gyms and pools. Should we follow England into another wave of infection?”

  1. Looks like England is heading for Lockdown 2.0 in all but name.
    Pubs to be shut,over 50’s to remain at home…..
    This is what happens in a health crisis where politics trump science.


  2. Off topic but back to BBC bias.
    Canary today on the Sunak Suoperman propaganda explains BBC policy on pandemic in England.
    Funnily enough they have used the opposite tactic in Scotland. ‘The clue is in the name’.

    From Canary:

    It quoted a “senior” BBC “journalist” as saying:

    The BBC does have a responsibility to provide what the nation needs… It needs to know what’s being done about testing [for coronavirus]. It doesn’t need a great bust-up about what’s gone wrong in the recent past… the bosses are keen that we come out of this with the sense that we looked after the interest of the nation, not just our journalistic values.

    The Economist itself noted that:

    Amid the struggle against the virus, the corporation has slipped into something like wartime rules. Its website carries articles that gently reinforce public-health messages, such as an interview with a chastened 25-year-old entitled: ‘I thought because I was young it wouldn’t affect me.’ (It very much did, he reveals.) Unofficial rules of engagement with interviewees have subtly loosened, to give subjects more breathing space. And there is a faint unwillingness to dwell on official missteps, of which there have been plenty.

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  3. Re Gym’s no doubt they are literally petri dishes for the virus
    And surfaces all over the excericise floor very heavily contaminated
    And as a example
    In Whuan China and when all passenger aircraft were grounded
    The Authorities dispatched specialist teams to investigate what areas and surfaces of the cabins had viral contamination
    They were shocked to the core
    Because the virus was everywhere and in high concentration and even in the cockpit
    Although science to determine the Viral dose rate for it to successfully transmit
    It is bloody obvious that Gym’s will and must have the potential for extremely high viral contamination
    And without doubt the higher and more virus you come into contact with then not only are you going to become infected
    But with a greater chance of your viral dose rate being so high that the virus will overwhelm your 1st line of immune defences i.e. your T-cells
    All leading to very serious consequencies
    No accident that fit young healthy medical staff succumb and die
    And all due to the repeated high viral environmental they have to perform their duties in
    Someone in Authority needs to tell it as it really is to those in the fitness industry

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  4. My exercise class for 10 to 12 people (mostly oldies with ailments) remains cancelled but available online. It’s run by a charity that has been around for over 20 years existing entirely on a few volunteers, paid staff and small, regular contributions from users.

    On a different topic I see Hackney has a “growth rate” of 3 and Barnet a “growth rate” of 2.13.

    “Hyndburn : From 6 to 54 – growth rate of 9
    Eden : From 4 to 33 – growth rate of 8.25
    Sandwell : From 40 to 163 – growth rate of 4.08
    Hackney : From 30 to 90 – growth rate of 3
    Trafford : From 33 to 99 – growth rate of 3
    Swindon : From 23 to 56 – growth rate of 2.43
    Birmingham : From 130 to 295 – growth rate of 2.27
    Blackburn with Darwen : From 107 to 242 – growth rate of 2.26
    Barnet : From 23 to 49 – growth rate of 2.13
    Walsall : From 28 to 58 – growth rate of 2.07”

    “Scientists at Cambridge University have said it is “very likely” that most regions in England are close to the point at which the virus begins to spread exponentially.

    The data from the Cambridge MRC Biostatistics Unit found that four out of seven English regions have seen a rise in infections in recent weeks.”

    “The Department for Health and Social Care revealed that 846 people tested positive in the 24 hours to 9am this morning (July 30) – up from 763 yesterday.

    On Tuesday (July 28) there were 581 cases were identified, reports The Mirror”

    This, from the Times suggests that stopping the rise is going to be difficult. More lockdowns will be needed.

    ‘The government’s £10bn contact-tracing programme failed to reach almost half the contacts named by infected patients in “non-complex” cases — including people living under the same roof.’

    And this:
    “John Bye@_johnbye· 14h
    1) 1,071,103 tests were sent out as part of the “whole care home” testing programme.

    But they came in boxes of 50, regardless of how many a home asked for.

    Only 397,197 test results were reported.

    So 673,906 of the tests seem to have been left unused.


    1. Re.all this on English testing
      I issue a open invitation for any free marketeer and neo liberal capitalist to explain to all as to why test trace track and isolate was ever put in the hands of private companies and not in the hands of

      NHS, H&S Excutive & local authority infection control and public health along with the vast resources of Academia
      Please explain why

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  5. There now seems to be a new Covid-19 cluster – 13 cases so far – centred on a pub in Aberdeen. Report in the Herald online


  6. The irresponsible demands from these uncaring, anti ScotGov story tellers are just a disgrace. Just read that the state of Victoria in Australia is now declared a state of emergency and a curfew is now imposed in Melbourne, that is very serious indeed! Do the lowlifes in the media want that in Scotland? It would seem so, political mileage at any cost, they are despicable.

    The news about Australia, major cities and states facing some er rather serious restrictions, (curfew! who would be happy about that?) should be shown to people across the airwaves in the UK, because that is what could easily happen here if they are stupid enough to ignore basic rules to stem the tide of this terrible pandemic, at the behest of the nasty right wing media. Hell mend ’em.

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