UPDATED: The unbelievable truth: How Nicola ‘gets it’


By Brenda Steele:

Here is how one part of the foreign press reported a WHO Briefing:

The novel coronavirus is neither seasonal, nor does it occur in waves, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday.

WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said in answer to questions at the twice-weekly UN press briefing held virtually in Geneva that the COVID-19 virus likes all weathers unlike influenza, even though many people think it is seasonal.

“And even though respiratory viruses, in the past, did tend to do this, you know, different seasonal waves. This one is behaving differently. This one is one where we have to be aware, and it is learning about us as we’re learning about it,” said Harris. “It’s a virus that likes all weather. But what it particularly likes is jumping from one person to another when we come in close contact, so let’s not give it that opportunity.”

That is how it is reported in Pakistan. Seen anything like this in our British Press? If you find any such reporting in the UK, do tell me about it.

If you watch the ScotGov briefings it will be clear that Nicola Sturgeon gets it. ScotGov briefings can be found here.  https://mobile.twitter.com/scotgov 

If you don’t do Twitter, and want to go back and look at old ones, you can try here: https://indyref2.space/forum/forum/links/ under the appropriate date. 

Nicola may sound like a stuck record but it is the truth, a very unpalatable truth and for some people an unbelievable truth, one which they just cannot get their heads around. 

The virus has not gone away.  

Social distancing is going to be the new normal. 

We are going to have to learn to live with it. 

And how is Westminster  dealing with it?


Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Thursday he was worried about a second wave of coronavirus infections in Europe and that the government would not hesitate to act to bring back quarantine measures if necessary to keep Britain safe.


https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53588709   Coronavirus: Virus isolation period extended from seven to 10 days

The change, announced by the UK’s chief medical officers, comes as ministers try to avoid a resurgence of the virus.

Until now, those showing key symptoms – a new continuous cough, a temperature or loss of taste or smell – have had to self-isolate for at least a week.

The new advice is in line with World Health Organization guidance.

Oh dear, the BBC is fudging the facts a bit here. This is WM finally coming into line with what WHO recommended and Europe has been doing for quite a while.  And that is a quarantine that is as watertight as a sieve. Countless travellers say they found no-one was collecting their completed paperwork at the airport.  

What  needs to be watched is the infection rate trend.  Look here https://www.travellingtabby.com/uk-coronavirus-tracker/  under New Infections and Deaths by Day. What is happening to the infection rate in England?

Then of course there is this:


Rising coronavirus infections among young people could be driving recent spikes in cases across Europe, said Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s Europe regional director, in a BBC report today. Kluge said he has two daughters and understands that young people “do not want to miss a summer,” but added that they have a responsibility toward themselves, their family members and their communities. The Netherlands is among countries which have reported higher infection rates among younger people, with about a quarter of people who tested positive there last week aged 20 to 29. Earlier this week, officials in Brittany, France ordered curfews on beaches, parks and gardens in an attempt to prevent large gatherings of young people in particular, according to local leaders. Officials in Spain have also imposed similar curfews, with bars and nightclubs in Catalonia required to close by midnight since Friday.

Considering how much the UK press has highlighted the fact that the deaths so far have been heavily skewed to the old, it is not surprising that our own young folk are behaving this way.  

The young should read this: 

https://www.history.com/news/spanish-flu-second-wave-resurgence  Why the Second Wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu Was So Deadly.  The first strain of the Spanish flu wasn’t particularly deadly. Then it came back in the fall with a vengeance.

“That really freaked out the medical establishment, that there was this atypical spike in the middle of the W,” says Harris

Not only was it shocking that healthy young men and women were dying by the millions worldwide, but it was also how they were dying. Struck with blistering fevers, nasal haemorrhaging and pneumonia, the patients would drown in their own fluid-filled lungs.  Only decades later were scientists able to explain the phenomenon now known as “cytokine explosion.”

We have already seen some indications of this possibility with Covid-19:

https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/05/07/851725443/mystery-inflammatory-syndrome-in-kids-and-teens-likely-linked-to-covid-19   Mystery Inflammatory Syndrome In Kids And Teens Likely Linked To COVID-19

Sixty-four children and teens in New York State are suspected of having a mysterious inflammatory syndrome that is believed to be linked to COVID-19, the New York Department of Health said in an alert issued Wednesday. A growing number of similar cases — including at least one death — have been reported in other parts of the U.S. and Europe, though the phenomenon is still not well-understood.

Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them. 


31/7/2020 at 05:17am

Interesting briefing in many aspects for example they are bringing in folk to deal with the behavioural challenges.  Also covered was the behaviour of young people.

Interesting questions and answers too.  Also answer on making vaccines available to all countries on an equitable basis.

Question about regrets – the answer gets very interesting indeed at about 30 minutes in.Who could Mike Ryan possibility be talking about? 🤔

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: The unbelievable truth: How Nicola ‘gets it’”

  1. For those interested may i recommend “The Pandemic Century” by Mark Honigsbaum who’s book was mentioned when he was on the Alex Salmond show recently. It is interesting to see many of the mistakes from previous pandemics repeated today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a load of shite!

    We’v already had a wave. No cases, some cases, lots of cases, some cases and possible no cases again.
    Long since time for the W.H.O to be shut down and replaced with people capable of rational thought and not insane ideologues.

    Diseases happen. Some people die. As long as most people don’t end up dead then you’ve beaten the disease. trying to engineer a World where no-one ever gets sick is pointless and self-defeating. Overcoming disease is one of the main drives of human evolution. Pandemics also provide a sensible means of keeping human over-populatioN in check. Unless you favour endless wars or extermination camps?


    1. Off you pop to an Ebola outbreak area then – there is one currently active – to test your theories on infection control.

      Education has been shown to be the best method of population control, not a slow painful death.


  3. On my weekly bike run today,came past the end of Portobello beach.
    Very busy with a crowd of young people clearly not social distancing.
    Lots of police around.
    Too many young people think this virus only affects the elderly and the sick.
    Hope for their sake they are right.


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