Reporting Scotland’s high coronavirus death rate: That was then but this is now

Lisa Summers repeats the myth that the Scottish Government in the face of SAGE advice, the UK Government’s refusal to consult on the 4 Nations approach, the opposition and media embrace of that UK-wide approach and the late devolution of the actual power to do so, was nevertheless responsible for the timing and this the early death toll.

This is an unconscionable [shockingly unfair or unjust] lie.

Hardest hit countries

BBC Health has reported the ONS findings revealing England to have had the highest level of coronavirus deaths in Europe. These are the total figures for the period from between the end of February and the middle of June.

Scotland is shown to be the third highest.

Reporting Scotland have been lingering on this tragic past, repeating fake news about the Scottish Government’s supposed delayed lock-down decision, knowing full well the power to lock-down was devolved only in late March.

I’m sure all of us feel huge sorrow to see that third place but things have changed for Scotland if not for England. We have learned. Look at the mini-graphs circled.

Scotland had zero deaths in the last 14 days and had only six in the previous 14. England is on a plateau with 65.7 deaths, on average every day.

Fueling the death rate in England is its infection rate of around 725 new cases every day more than five times per capita than Scotland at 14. When will Reporting Scotland catch up and report the present.

12 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland’s high coronavirus death rate: That was then but this is now”

  1. I think it was Channel 4 news reported that Nicola Sturgeon was aggressively pushing for lockdown on the 4th of March, but that Boris was manually( stop laughing ) resisting.
    There’s your 2 week delay right there. We don’t know at this stage whether the FM was advocating lockdown before this date because the Cobra briefing minutes haven’t been published and are unlikely to be because of the damage that would surely ensue to the UK gov, yes it could get worse.
    What we also know from comments made to the media is that Johnson was reluctant to devolve the powers to Scotland enabling Scotland to lockdown because they were afraid she would do just that before the UK gov.
    Now if know that, so do the bbc.

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  2. To have a Scottish lockdown earlier than when it occurred required that Scotland had the constitutional power to do that. It did not have the power until the UK government enacted the Coronavirus Act 2020, Schedule 19.

    What the BBC and Summers is doing is broadcasting a lie. Time for complaints.

    “The recently adopted Coronavirus Act 2020 does not confer new powers on UK and Welsh ministers to impose a lockdown on the people of England and Wales. It does confer such powers on Northern Ireland (specifically, the Northern Ireland Department of Health) in Schedule 18; and on Scottish ministers in Schedule 19. Neither Northern Ireland nor Scotland had them previously. The scheme in those two schedules is roughly – and in the case of Northern Ireland almost verbatim – based on the powers accorded to UK and Welsh ministers under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. It is there that the source of the powers both now and into the future are to be located in respect of any lockdown. If the present lockdown is found to be outwith the 1984 Act, it would follow that no lockdown is presently permissible anywhere in the country.”

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  3. As far as ABC (BBC) concerned the adage of no news is good news
    Has been turned upside down
    Good news is no news


  4. SAGE minutes as reported by Byline Times. As Golfnut refers above, the FM was pushing for an end to crowded gatherings in early March leading to Johnson’s remarks about problems with Scottish resilience.

    “Meanwhile, almost all social distancing measures that were later adopted were dismissed out of hand. School closures, the banning of public gatherings, shutting down public transport and other measures were described as “probably relatively ineffective”.

    But the SAGE documents suggest that this dismissal was less the result of science and more from being compelled by the Government to consider economic factors.

    Earlier released SAGE documents relating to school closures showed that SAGE had put forward ample evidence of their effectiveness based on preliminary literature reviews of existing scientific literature.

    Early action, it was acknowledged, could potentially reduce an epidemic by as much as 60%. But, somehow, this data ended up being filtered out of SAGE’s final recommendations to the Government.

    The SAGE minutes suggest that this was because of the constant insistence from the Government that the “economic consequences” of such social distancing measures needed to be accounted for. SAGE had also never been requested by the Government to do specific modelling of social distancing measures until much later.

    Given the Government’s reliance on modelling to formulate its strategy, the failure to have detailed modelling in place for social distancing strategies three months into the crisis is damning and suggests that such preventive measures had not been given serious consideration.

    As the journalist Stefan Simonowitz has observed, “the failure to do epidemiological modelling for lockdown until mid-March” meant that the Government had guaranteed it would not receive “any alternative ‘design options’”.”

    Now, if I can find this stuff and realise the implications of it with regard to the limitations of any Scottish government strategy to be implemented then so can Summers. She is a disgrace.

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  5. I’ve never heard a Scot. Gov. Rep refer to the Coronavirus Act 2020 or point out that they didn’t have the power to implement a lockdown untill it passed through Wastemonster.
    Why? are they sitting on this for later?
    Surely the Scot. Gov. Should get this out into the public consciouness ASAP to stop the BBC putting doubt into the public’s mind.

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  6. There is no doubt whatsoever Summers and ABC know full well they are circulating misinformation deliberately, they have access to the same information disproving the points they are fraudulently making, that is deliberate choice, blatant propaganda.
    Despite having lost all public trust, ABC insist on clinging to belief “repeat it often enough” will somehow win through.
    Once “trust” is lost it doesn’t matter how often you repeat it, you are shouting at the deaf.


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