Scottish Tories silent on threat to UK democracy

From the BBC today:

In the UK, lobby reporters currently receive twice daily briefings from No 10, but they are not broadcast. Instead, Downing Street is planning to pilot daily televised press briefings from October, modelled on US briefings from the White House. The daily coronavirus briefings – which took place for three months up until the end of June – attracted large TV audiences. No 10 hopes a more permanent arrangement would help the government get its message across, while increasing engagement with the public.

The Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Labour (:-)), is concerned about this threat to parliamentary democracy. I agree with him. If implemented, it would drag the UK system even lower into the mud alongside other failed systems such as those in the USA and Italy.

As always, based on his deeply-held hypocrisy oath, the Scottish branch’s Murdo Fraser, has ranted at what some might see as a far less substantial attack on the democracy he loves.

In the New European on 3rd July:

A tweet from MSP Murdo Fraser, which was retweeted by Conservative politicians, wrote: “It’s absolute nonsense that @BBCScotlandNews are still broadcasting live every day a 30 minute Party Political Broadcast by the SNP, with no opportunity for a response by any other Party or contrary views expressed. This has to end.”

On the same day:

I feel sure Fraser’s research assistant will have warned him of the risk to his reputation and to his branch if he tweets without care.

21 thoughts on “Scottish Tories silent on threat to UK democracy

  1. Two instant thoughts:
    1. Why have ‘press briefings at all? Couldn’t we just have a daily ‘Dominic & Boris at 10’ show broadcast on every UK TV channel simultaneously with repeats every hour on the hour?
    2. If the USA is the model to follow, can we have a written constitution as well?

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  2. And, of course, following on from the line adopted by their founders in Scotland in Union, Labour has started wailing and gnashing their teeth about this, with such luminaries as Jackie Baillie, Ian Union Jack Suit Murray and ‘lord’. fffor-fffffffoulkes-sake, expressing their pure bealingness at the SG giving advice which the public welcomes.

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  3. So will these brain washing opportunities be broadcast on the BBC’s channels in Scotland.

    Given that this station these days fills its air time with individuals complaining about something the Scot Gov has
    done, weather and sport. There is hardly any time devoted to genuine news.
    Why Is the BBC’s radio staion in Scotland the broadcasters only radio station that at 9am and 6pm on weekdays doesn’t broadcast a news bulletin.

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  4. MURDO
    Quote. This Has to End
    I kid you not but in a flash it recalled the words used by a certain guy,s response to the news that Portugal refused to sell Madagascder to his regime
    Upon which the guy who was most upset
    At receipt of this terrible turn of events
    Immediately leaped to his feet and informed all in attendance that The Final Solution must now be implemented and
    That Heydrich was in charge
    And so began the Holocaust
    I know all too well our Foes Murdo
    Heil The Sash

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  5. The British establishment,in particular the Tories,see governance as a PR exercise which is why they employ so many expensive spin doctors.
    The idea of having responsibilities to the voting public e.g. managing a health epidemic,is alien to them.
    That is not what they were elected for,was it.

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  6. Not exactly on the same topic and I know there is no good time to confess that I watched excerpts of the ‘Children of the Devolution’ aired on BBC Scot last night in the vain hope we might just get a balanced view of Scotland. Alas not is should have been entitled a ‘Party Political Broadcast obo the Unionist parties’ where everything they did was ‘progressive’ and everything since by the SNP was shrouded in doubt but I think the classic quote of the programme was where Ian Gray complained that when Labour were in power in Holyrood it was a true representation of the electorate but seemingly not any more. If it wasn’t so depressing and biased it would be entertaining and a good example of the BBC propaganda machine is now in full flow . So expect more of the same to come folks. By contrast the Danny Boyle concert on BBC2 was probably far more accurate and entertaining of life in Scotland and the views of ordinary Scots.

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    1. Ah, Flee’in Gray–they dont churn them out like him anymore.

      Soon to retire, perhaps to open a sandwich shop.


  7. I think the Boris and Dom show will be good for Scottish independence. There will be lots of coverage on the lies being told and the spinning on social media in Scotland


  8. A serious question for Scottish unionists is why does Westminster acknowledge the democratic wishes of the people of NI but not Scotland?
    They voted to remain in the EU and Westminster has to all intents and purposes agreed to that happening.
    Westminster acknowledges the right of the people of NI to hold a plebiscite on their constitutional arrangements every 7 years but no referendum for Scotland.
    Seems democracy is not for us Scots,at least according to London.

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    1. Northern Ireland is part of Ireland and Scotland is not and we are not allowed to draw parallels or implications. Only British Nationalists and their media chums are allowed to do that.

      In any case, if the story is true about David Davies at the first post Brexit negotiation meeting, when M. Barnier said, “First we have to deal with the land border between the United Kingdom and the EU,” Davies replied, “What border? We are an island nation?” So, Northern Ireland is not perceived as part of Britain despite its long unionist tradition. Churchill spoke of the “dreary spires and towns of Ulster.”

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      1. This is Churchill’s speech if you wish to read it. Here is the link and the paragraph with the quotation you misremember.

        “Mr. CHURCHILL I am where I was. Then came the great War. Every institution, almost, in the, world was strained. Great Empires have been overturned. The whole map of Europe has been changed. The position of countries has been violently altered. The modes of thought of men, the whole outlook on affairs, the grouping of parties, all have encountered violent and tremendous changes in the deluge of the world, but as the deluge subsides and the waters fall short we see the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone emerging once again. The integrity of their quarrel is one of the few institutions that has been unaltered in the cataclysm which has swept the world. That says a lot for the persistency with which Irish men on the one side or the other are able to pursue their controversies. It says a great deal for the power which Ireland has, both Nationalist and Orange, to lay their hands upon the vital strings of British life and politics, and to hold, dominate, and convulse, year after year, generation after generation, the politics of this powerful country.”


      2. Sam,

        Apologies for ‘misremembering’. My mother was only 13 when the speech was made!

        However, thanks for the links. It is some time since I read about the events of 1922 and beyond.


  9. Alasdair

    No need for an apology. I misremember daily.

    Churchill’s statement on the effect of the Irish question on WM is interesting. Time to be like Ireland, without violence?


    1. Yes, indeed.

      I often wondered, during the Troubles, why there was so little trouble in the West of Scotland because many from both ‘traditions’ moved back and forth regularly, had family and friends here, and, sometimes, homes here. Of course. we have had incidents of violence for over 100 years, between members of various organisations, but, it never reached the civil war stage or even came close to it nor did we have the segregated communities.


    2. Thanks for that additional link, Sam, which I had not read before.I was last in Dublin and Belfast in 2018 and I read a number of similar kinds of articles which were appearing and also the more nuanced information about Carson and his strong outrage about betrayal by the Tories.

      Although I would like Scotland to become independent as soon as possible, from the moment the 2016 referendum result came out I was sure that the ‘break-up’ of the UK would begin in Ireland – as, indeed, it did, partially, in 1922 and 1949.

      At the end of 2020, there will be a de facto and, partially de jure, border in the Irish Sea. Politics, economics, demographics and history are hacking at the hawsers that tie NI unionism to England and, it is the Tories who are doing a lot of the hacking. I do not think they are too worried about ‘losing’ NI.

      However, I think they are more worried about ‘losing ‘ Scotland, because the oil and gas underpins sterling, as will the growing renewables sector. The fact that Scotland plus territorial waters (even without the chunk Blair and Dewar stole in 1999) amounts to 51% of the UK area is like lopping off half of the UK’s willy. So England has no ‘strategic’ location vis-a-vis Russia and it has no nuclear base. Nor will it have most of the fish and fresh water.

      Why do so many Scots still believe that Scotland is too poor?????


  10. Louis Henwood tweet

    “And we have more, I think we are up to 26 Tory MPs taking Russian roubles at this point

    Flag of RussiaBanknote with dollar sign Mr James Wharton ex MP £15,000

    Flag of RussiaBanknote with dollar sign Mr Mr Guto Bebb ex MP £5,000 + £6,666.66
    That number again, very odd

    Flag of RussiaBanknote with dollar sign Dr Liam Fox MP £10,000”


    1. This is one of the reasons BBC Scotland (and the Scottish Tories and Ian “Union Jack Suit/boot/flute” Murray) has been ‘diverting us on to ‘Russian ‘interference’ in 2014 referendum.’


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