Lib Dems in full panic mode?

In the Herald today, Tom Gordon writes of the Lib Dem leader’s call that the Electoral Commission should deny the new Alliance for Independence (AFI) party a place in the next Holyrood election:

Former SNP MSP Dave Thompson explained the strategy:

Every regional list vote for the SNP will have no impact – it will achieve nothing. Whereas, if a lot of these votes came to AFI, we can garner a lot of MSPs. We are looking at anything between eight and 24 MSPs.

I’m not sure how former members of a party can still be a ‘faction’ within it and there’s a certain irony in the protest coming from the Lib Dems, a party which grew out of ‘factions’ within the Labour and Liberal parties in an attempt, you could argue, to allow ‘different arms‘ of the ‘left’ to ‘mislead‘ voters.

What could be driving this move by the Lib Dems? Are they worried about something?

Could it be this:

Based on the last 12 opinion polls, The Lib Dem constituency vote support has fallen from 12% a year ago to 6%.

Or could it be this:

Based on the last 12 opinion polls, The Lib Dem regional or list vote support has fallen from 13% a year ago to 6%.

No psephologist myself, I’ve tried to find consistent analysis by others as to what this collapse might mean in terms of seats lost but opinions seem to vary so I’ll leave readers, once more, to fill my gaps.

12 thoughts on “Lib Dems in full panic mode?”

  1. Rennie the irrelevant making a clear attempt to mislead ( his day job apparently ) both the public and the Electoral Commission. Factions of the SNP they ain’t, in fact the SNP have been at pains to distance themselves from the new parties and urge people to vote SNP 1& 2.
    The Yes movement on the other, which isn’t lead by the SNP, and doesn’t in fact have any leadership in the normal sense, does have real factions some of which are openly anti SNP. I don’t see Rennies plea as a realistic attempt at stopping party registration, but I think his effort is more aimed placing doubt in the minds of the voter as to the legitimacy( mortality even) of gaming the system. In other words he’s started the Holyrood campaign early.

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  2. Whatever happens in the Holyrood elections next year. Is there not a case for declaring Wullie Renie an endangered species and attempting to make certain he is re-elected. There has to be a place for “Fool” within the parliament.

    And, nobody does it better, not even his most-serious challengers: Jackass, Murdo, Jackie and Richard Head, the Labour leader, or even his own double-barrelled assistant AC-H.

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  3. Classic BritNat hypocrisy.

    Wee Willie 1p Thinks it is OK for the electorate to be offended multiple ‘Regional Accounting Units’ (Parties) who only offer what Head Office at Westminster will allow but recoil at the thought of more than one fully Independence Supporting party on the ballot paper.

    The FibDems are right to be worried as they are an irrelevance in Scotland (another Party only kept alive by the oxygen of the BritNat Media and the additional member system at Holyrood).

    Tick Tock Mr Rennie.

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  4. Surely the Electoral Comission is (supposed to be) an independent body free from political interference.
    Has Willy Rennie commited a criminal offence by asking them to take action over another party.
    Or have his weasel words got him off the hook?
    Eg “should think carefully”. . . . . “Should look at this seriously”

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    1. I’m not sure if they have even applied yet. Last I heard only the ISP have been approved by the Electoral Commission.


  5. Alas, Wee Wullie is about to get even wee-er. But he is just a member of a branch party of the Brit Nats, is he not. Did he not advocate voting for Ruthie, or voting for Dickie, when the Dumbs thought they could not win (every time)?
    And was he not away to the Brit Nat jamboree in England last year? The “These Islands” 1,000 year Brit Nat glorious history for dumbo’s?
    Did he not say Scotland had enough devolved powers? Did not need any more? The supposed party of “federalism”, letting us see the truth, at last?
    Havent we reached the point at which the Dumbs have become pointless?

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  6. Would someone be so kind as to explain to me who this Liberal party are and what they all about
    Sorry but I’ve never heard of them
    And that Willie guy does seem to be a very fine chap indeed
    Any who seek to deny the Plebs everthing
    Has my full backing


  7. Every election in Scotland since 2014 has been about independence,certainly as far as the Better Together mob are concerned.
    Also,no question that the British parties colluded to keep the SNP out in certain constituencies.
    What we are seeing is a reaction to their actions and it is just the usual hypocricy from them once they are found out.

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  8. Where is his party head quartered? It’s the Britnat parties in Scotland that should be ‘looked at’, are they not just factions of the English HQ’d parties? They certainly seem to survive on ‘confusing’ the voters as much as they possibly can. It won’t work this time so yes they are desperate, they want Nicola Sturgeon FM off the airwaves and TV, effectively silenced. Now that is not very democratic is it Willie!

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  9. I’ll not be holding my breath waiting on W Rennie asking for the Electoral Commission to scrutinise George Galloway’s Alliance4Unity party, I have votes to cast.


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