Scotland’s dentists in crisis thanks to that Sturgeon!

In another heap of unreliable story-telling from Helen McArdle, two, just two dentists have a wee rant:

Do these seem like reliable evidence to you? Are these two just typical dentists? Are they trade unionists or relatives of Anas Sarwar?

It’s clear what really bothers them:

How financially vulnerable are dentists?,-Scotland

They’re well clustered so it looks like few earn much less.

Nope. I’m still dry-eyed.

14 thoughts on “Scotland’s dentists in crisis thanks to that Sturgeon!”

  1. Well, I think my dentist will be financially vulnerable – it’s a mixed practice, but they have also kept prices down for years now, to keep some of the mid-level private treatment (e.g. White fillings) affordable to many people (and you get your NHS check ups and stuff free). I have felt the strain in the practice (stricter with appointment times etc) over the past year and was thinking they really need to increase prices if it’s affecting business and causing stress – I paid the same for a white filling as I did over 10 years ago, and that’s with the cost of living – and so their costs too – going up substantially in that time. And the thing is, their work and advice has been so good, I rarely need work done any more.

    So: no, in general I have no sympathy for dentists, but there are probably quite a few (maybe even many of the mixed practices?) that DO have a social conscience and its those ones we don’t want to see going out of business. Fully private dentists? They can away and bile thir heids.

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    1. What we have here is very selective reporting, using just two cases to try to make people think that this is the norm. We have the usual rant that ‘we eyed more guidance’ and it has been clear since the start of lockdown that there has been considerable discourse between the representatives of various occupational groups with the civil service, with NHS Scotland and with consumer groups on how to manage things. Yet, the media, which claim to have a mission to inform and educate,, choose to obfuscate and fabricate.

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    2. Yeah I know, both those things. It was just the mention of dentists brought to the fore my own personal worry about losing a trusted dental practice – and you know what a pain it is to find a new one.

      It will indeed turn out that consultations have been thorough and there are only a couple of thickos still confused or moaning, and those were selectively reported. What might be good would be to demonstrate how selective it is.

      In fact, you listen to the radio more than me Alasdair, have we not heard plenty of dentists coming on the radio and reassuring people, giving sympathy – expressing their frustration – giving advice about emergency treatment still being open – phone consultation still being available. They’ve never mentioned a crisis that I’ve heard.

      Anyway, the fact is, dentists have been effectively furloughed, or getting support anyway, by the sounds of it, so the good ones, the NHS ones, should survive. It does show the limitations of private health care, and for-profit organisations, they are very vulnerable, and offer no support of services in a crisis.

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      1. I knew that was what you meant. I have been attending a practice in Maryhill for more than 20 years, which provides full NHS Service, but, it also has a private section, which I have had to use twice during that period.

        The practice has been very assiduous in providing details of costed options, including the aspects for which NHS treatment is available and, I have been able to agree an appropriate package on each occasion. One of the dentists in the practice , undertakes only private work, but he has always indicated what my NHS entitlements are, and one of his colleagues does these.

        (Is it noteworthy that he is the only male in a practice of 11 women (including ancillary staff?)

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  2. No doubt whatsoever
    Any Dentist that was foolish enough to put moat or all of their eggs into the basket labelled COSMETIC
    Is Dommed
    Time to sell the super cars,big House
    The kids private education
    New song for the charlatans with their vanity and greed
    I owe. I owe.I owe
    So it is off to bloody work i must go
    But for much less return


  3. I have no sympathy for Dentists in the current circumstances because Mixed practices = gaming the system.
    [The following is certainly true in England] In 2006 a new Dental contract was agreed which essentially rewarded Dentists when they don’t do work on children’s teeth while at the same time increased dental education in schools which has reduced childhood dental decay. Result is that virtually every dentist welcomes child patients with open arms.
    Dentists wanted the same regime for their adult patients but that was turned down so (simplistically) the financial reward and to some extent the range of treatments for NHS care given to adult patient is regulated whereas private treatment isn’t. Hence the rise of mixed practices since 2006. They are happy to take the NHS money for the kids but only see their parents if they sign up to one of these dental care plans as that guarantees them significant income even from patients with good dental health.
    Suddenly the goose that lays the golden egg isn’t laying and obviously it is the SG fault (whoelse). That is despite SG paying 80% of the NHs fees they would have received for being furloughed. Suddenly gaming the system isn’t quite so attractive and will remain so while Covid remains active.


  4. The last ISD Scotland report on dentistry in Scotland showed that 95% or thereabouts of the population of Scotland were registered with an NHS dentist. Around 3.6 million people were using the service and visits to the dentist were also increasing in deprived areas which was heartening. For comparison when Labour/LibDems were in power at Holyrood only 50% of the population was registered with an NHS dentist and only 2.5 million were using the service.

    I would hate to see the progress the SG, and dentists, have made in this area to improve dental health put a risk by this sort of unbalanced, girning reporting. There is no doubt that Covid-19 will mean changes in the way dentists operate but that is true across all the medical and health related services.

    In 2002 onwards there was a definite movement in Scotland for dentists to move towards private practice. But resistance among the population in Scotland who could remember a time when a good 21st birthday present or wedding present, whichever came first, was to be given the money to get all your teeth out. That together with the recession and people retiring and finding the cost of their private treatment a bit prohibitive slowed that move.
    Dentists discovered that dental plans were the first to go when people hit an economic bad patch.

    In recent years I have seen more than a few ‘NHS only’ practices open up.

    This article is the usual lobbying style of reporting using someone who has an axe to grind. I doubt they are speaking for the general dental population. Yes they are worried but I should think most will appreciate that opening up fully is a step-wise process that needs to be done slowly.


  5. £71k hardly a struggle. Double most teachers wages. My brother is a supervisor in a department store. He earning just above minimum wage.
    It’s time for all of us to step back and think of others.


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