Adam Tomkins and BBC Scotland’s irresponsible campaign for gyms to re-open and copy both England’s policy and death rate

As, once more, the Conservative Government puts business interests before health and allows gyms to re-open, BBC Scotland asks why the Scottish Government does not follow suit.

Note that they do not ask why, with death and new infections flat-lining, England’s gyms have opened?

The basis for the criticism is this:

Hotels, restaurants and pubs have welcomed customers back through their doors but the health and fitness industry is still waiting for a reopening date. It has led to frustration in the industry concerned that ministers appear to be prioritising alcohol-based entertainment over the nation’s long-term health and wellbeing.

If you don’t think for a minute, you might agree but, do think. When you are exercising vigorously you cannot help but gasp for breath, in and out, projecting a plume of droplets for at least two metres and, a massive spray of aerosols, unaffected by gravity, for far further distances.

I’m no scientist but I would not go anywhere near a gym.

In a pub, sitting comfortably, you might after a few drinks project your voice a bit more than is desirable in the circumstances but the plume will be much smaller.

Is this just my opinion? Is there science which the Scottish Government is following? Yes:

During 24 days in Cheonan, South Korea, 112 persons were infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 associated with fitness dance classes at 12 sports facilities. Intense physical exercise in densely populated sports facilities could increase risk for infection. Vigorous exercise in confined spaces should be minimized during outbreaks.

So, BBC Scotland, zero deaths in Scotland for 9 days now. How many would you be comfortable with to help the opposition score a point over the SNP? Ten? More? When you decide, let me know and cc professors Sridhar and Bauld.

9 thoughts on “Adam Tomkins and BBC Scotland’s irresponsible campaign for gyms to re-open and copy both England’s policy and death rate

  1. Anyone who is daft enough to think you can compare a gym to a pub for a possible higher rate of infection of (coronavirus) has obviously never been to a gym.

    When training you sweat a lot, your breathing is greatly increased and pushed out more forcibly and rapidly. Generally your nothing more than a saliva spraying machine, and all in an enclosed space.

    Health and fitness training indoors is no longer healthy, outdoors fine, indoors deadly.

    Until we are 100% clear – train outside.

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    1. I agree with your comments. However when training outside you should not run walk or cycle behind someone.

      Micro-droplets in exhaled breath become entrained in the slipstream and remain airborne longer.

      For running and cycling reccomended to seperate by 10 m .
      If doing either “fast” the seperation should be 20 m .

      As you say Davy , you’d need to be daft to exercise wirpth others indoors.

      People eould need to be daft to follow Adam Tomkins advice. . . . . . . On anything!

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  2. If it were not this it would be something else, public health impacts are secondary to contrived negative SG stories to undermine trust in the judgement of the current administration…
    The clarity and honesty of Sturgeon, Freeman et al throughout this crisis may finally have broken tolerance to the WM and media model of “anything goes”, it is not just Scots who are sick of the blatant lying of both.

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  3. 1.ABC (A= Absurdistan )
    It is the economy stupid
    2.Scottish Government
    It is the virus stupid

    A. In the case of 2 i am 100% correct
    B. For the avoidance of doubt in the event of 1. Being correct you are referred to 2.
    Now by following A & B you are CLEVER


  4. “Let’s get it done” sounds like it is straight out of the Gove/Cummings book of populist buzz phrases (much like the Brexit “Lets get going” one).

    Adam Tompkins the former Socialist Republican:

    Who now apparently is doing all he can for Queen and Country to minimise Scottish Divergence from Englands with no qualms about any unnecessary deaths of Scottish public!

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  5. Gyms are a fashion item for the comparatively affluent part of today’s society. They cost an arm and a leg in membership and usage fees and because of the nature of activity in them they are inherently unsafe from a bacterial or viral health viewpoint.
    Advice from an oldie who hasn’t yet been done down by Covid-19 to those who feel the need to go to the gym – eat a bit less and walk a bit more. You’ll feel better for it and so will your pocket.

    PS. If you’re thinking of going on your bike for exercise, do it a) where you won’t be killed by a car and b) where you are not likely to kill walkers and be killed yourself in the process.

    Rant over….

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    1. Yep, you wouldn’t catch me in a gym even at the best of times, they sound awful (and not just for catching diseases).

      Good advice to cyclists William.


  6. Yes, Mr Robertson, you are not a scientist. I am and also incorrigibly pedantic. Plumes of droplets unaffected by gravity?? Tut! Tut! Of course they are affected by gravity, but other molecules in the air impede the gravitational movement. They still fa doon ,but no as quick!

    However, I agree with your criticism of the BBC and Tompkins.He and I are both members of the Glasgow University Physical Education section, and, of course it has and continues to conduct itself in a rigorously sensible way. If Mr Tomkins were to turn up at the door he would find it locked. I might godown and put a notice on the door: “You Fuck OFF, Adam”.


  7. Anyone who still thinks we aren’t under attack need to stop taking the sleeping pills.


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