BBC Scotland yesterday headlined the above and opened with:

Scotland has seen the biggest daily rise in new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in almost a month. The Scottish government said 21 cases had been detected in the last 24 hours – eight of them within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. It is the biggest daily increase since 21 June.

As often before, true but lacking context to help you understand what it means. For example, what was the rate for England in the same period?

Strange, no sign of it there. Maybe the UK page?

No, but they do have the bad news for Scotland, again.

How many new cases there were in England remains concealed by Public Health England’s preference to publish UK figures:

On Saturday, a further 827 cases were reported. These included 21 in Scotland – the biggest daily rise in new cases there since 21 June.

There were 10 new cases in Wales, per capita, the same as in Scotland. Northern Ireland does not publish weekend statistics.

So, there were 796 new cases in England in the same period.

England has 10 times the population of Scotland, so if the rate was comparable, per capita, it would have been 210 but it was, in fact, almost 4 times higher.