Reporting Scotland desperate for a Scottish covid crisis misses the Professor’s main point


A leading public health health expert has told the BBC that Scotland is in a very delicate moment in its fight against coronavirus. The warnings come as latest figures show there were 23 new cases of Covid-19 in Scotland.

The expert is Professor Bauld. She says:

Oh this is an incredibly sensitive time. I think we all need to realise that. Unfortunately we know that from international examples. But we need to look at the positivity rate. That’s the relationship between the number of cases and the number tested and it’s still less than one percent. So although these numbers are I think slightly concerning they may also be a feature of increased testing.

So, at the end there, the news. Professor Bauld did politely agree with a question, not broadcast, aimed at getting her to agree that there might be trouble ahead but then she was careful to put it in perspective and to analyse the data to explain the trend. She gave no real warning.

It’s good to hear her repeat what I guessed at yesterday on increased testing:

11 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland desperate for a Scottish covid crisis misses the Professor’s main point”

  1. ‘Reporting’ Scotland. Strange title really when you think about it. Do you get, ‘reporting England’, or ‘reporting Wales’? ‘Reporting’ what? About who?

    This Covid19 is so not over yet. If you are of a sensitive nature do not look at news coming from Latin America, or India right now. Latin American countries are really up against an ever growing monster called the US of A, environmental activists being murdered, sorry, massacred, Covid19 rampant, it’s so fckd up, but we all know why.
    The US rich, far right wing & their dodgy pals are dining out out on the Covid19 pandemic, let’s hope they rot in hell soon.

    Any ‘trouble ahead’ is very likely a global thing. If however Scotland does have powers removed by the English government, on top of the EngGov restrictions imposed on Scotland, it might be much harder to keep the Covid19 wolf at bay. Terrifying.

    Johnson should be told to stay away from Scotland, unless he is tested and quarantined for 14 days. His English Empire bullying arrogance ingrained, and he thinks he can swan about our beautiful country right now?

    Not without very stringent tests, and, quarantine.

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    1. Regional News Programmes.
      Northern Ireland – BBC Newsline
      Wales – BBC Wales Today
      BBC London News
      BBC Channel Islands
      BBC East Midlands Today
      BBC Look East
      BBC North West Tonight
      BBC Look North
      BBC Oxford
      BBC South East Today
      BBC South Today
      BBC Spotlight
      BBC Midlands Today
      BBC Points West
      So we’re a region, eh?

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  2. Devi Sridar says the measure should be positive cases / PEOPLE TESTED. This is not the same as NUMBER OF TESTS. Travelling tabby shows this ratio is rising now 0.7 indeed still less than 1.
    Matt Hancock used to say the rise in english cases was a result of more testing – very suspect since he didn’t know or would not tell how many PEOPLE were tested.
    We know how many are tested so we CAN monitor this ratio.
    We should expect some action if it goes above 1.

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  3. With their go-to “independent expert” laid up with a slight case of over-exposure as a BN stooge, “Mis-Reporting Scotland” are struggling to attain the standards of imbalance and negativity toward the SG administration for which they have become renowned, editing a real expert is all that remains.

    The precarious aspect for these islands is how to maintain low infections across 5 different nations where the greatest population is headed by a volatile and unpredictable administration, obsessed by political “look” more than the health of the populace.
    Andy Burnham’s C4 interview exemplified the problem even within England itself, how can he protect the health of the people of Manchester when he is denied clarity of information to target the problem.
    One amusing comment was England has been playing “whack-a-mole” wearing government issued “joo-janta 2000 peril sensitive sunglasses”.

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    1. whack-a-mole
      1.1Used with reference to a situation in which attempts to solve a problem are piecemeal or superficial, resulting only in temporary or minor improvement.
      (OED definition)

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      1. Thank you.

        I think we need a glossary of glib journalistic phrases to fool the public.

        What does ‘gaslighting’ mean? ‘Cancel culture’?

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  4. Reporting Scotland.
    This program is now little more than a parade of victims, with each individual case “inviting” us to extrapolate singular events into a Scotland-wide “scandal”. Its sly, underhand propaganda, not journalism at all.

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