A leading public health health expert has told the BBC that Scotland is in a very delicate moment in its fight against coronavirus. The warnings come as latest figures show there were 23 new cases of Covid-19 in Scotland.

The expert is Professor Bauld. She says:

Oh this is an incredibly sensitive time. I think we all need to realise that. Unfortunately we know that from international examples. But we need to look at the positivity rate. That’s the relationship between the number of cases and the number tested and it’s still less than one percent. So although these numbers are I think slightly concerning they may also be a feature of increased testing.

So, at the end there, the news. Professor Bauld did politely agree with a question, not broadcast, aimed at getting her to agree that there might be trouble ahead but then she was careful to put it in perspective and to analyse the data to explain the trend. She gave no real warning.

It’s good to hear her repeat what I guessed at yesterday on increased testing: