*England does of course have ten times the population so, per head of population, the rate is ‘only80.6 times higher.

Of course, when BBC UK seeks comfort in comparisons with the death or infection rates in larger countries such as the USA or Brazil, the crude levels are much more newsworthy. Per head of population the death rate in the ‘UK’ is 30% higher than in the US.

The more useful, infection rate, in the last 7 days, for Scotland is 9.7.

Professor Bauld has drawn our attention to more accurate ONS estimates for England than those being used in the media to suggest the rate is around 5 times higher than in Scotland:

During the most recent week (6 July to 12 July), we estimate there were around two new COVID-19 infections for every 10,000 individuals in the community population in England, equating to around 1,700 new cases per day (95% confidence interval: 700 to 4,200).

On this basis, the infection rate would be 170 times higher in England or, per head, 17 times higher.

Readers will remember Gina Davidson (Lab), Ian Murray (Lab), Gordon Brewer (SiU) and endless others telling us that Scotland’s death rate is the worst in the world, or the second worst or the third worst or………….