Councillor Bill Brown

Yesterday in the Herald, Labour councillor Bill Brown made another of his regular appearances posing as a member of the public, to attack the SNP:

Brown is at a loss apparently yet the facts are all-too-obvious.

Repeated opinion polls show the FM to be trusted. For example, for Opinium on 28th-29th May, 64% overall and 67% of Labour voters, trusted the information on coronavirus provided by Nicola Sturgeon.

As for being tardy and having the power to stop and test airport arrivals, this power was only devolved on the 25th March by which time the virus had spread across the UK. The Scottish Government wrote repeatedly seeking the authority to do this but were ignored.

To return to the extent to which the FM is doing a good job, the facts are there for all to see.

The 7 day average infection rate is at 9 and death rate is at 0.1. The comparable rates in Tory England and Labour Wales are many times higher.

Brown’s regular anti-SNP rants ‘without overtly revealing his own political allegiance’ were strangely praised in the Herald just after the 2019 General Election when two members of the public wrote: