20 thoughts on “At last the true picture!”

  1. Told you you CANNOT hide the truth
    Why because it has already occurred
    And any who change it are LIARS
    Does not require intelligence ,privilege or
    Any other attribute to know such
    We are all born with a instinct innate sense of right and wrong
    Propagandists although not quite aware of this Human condition
    But none the less they too possess this
    And that is why they Indidiously beaver away relentlessly to what in the end explodes in their face
    NOW thats when they find out Tis they that are the Stupid ones and certainly not
    The ones who they aim to peddle their
    Coital Bovine Scatology at
    In the End and no matter how long it may take that is their fate

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  2. Mobbed beaches, street parties, “entitled” Tories swanning round the country (with journalists in tow) social distancing reduced, and the pubs opening Saturday. All in England.

    A new map in a week or two will be of interest.
    Blondie putting the blame onto PHE and the onus on local government.

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  3. According to Sam’s spread sheet, Scottish NHS regions are in the bottom four places. Just watch Jackass Carlot jumping on that statistic, he will be demanding they up their game and get further up the charts. That’s Tory logic.

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    1. No doubt J.C.
      Would just foam at the mouth if not only we topped the chart but went platinum
      And that is the measure of the timerous wee beastie
      Ah but his plans have well and truly gan aglay now

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  4. I can’t take pleasure in the misfortunes of places like Leicester. People there are as much victims of the Westminster morons as we are.

    It seems no one in Leicester knew there was a Covid-19 spike till Sunday, because PHE gave out the wrong information. and the government then sat on it for weeks. That means people in some areas of Leicester were exposed to danger for much longer than need be. These are the poorest people, in the worst housing, many of them of BAME origins and therefore more susceptible to the effects of Covid-19.

    And still, according to a poll on the Peston programme on ITV, 59% of those polled blamed the public for the high level of Covid-19 infection.

    Disastrously, there will be more local lockdowns of this kind – and probably for the same reasons.

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    1. Same and I don’t think anyone here is taking pleasure in anyone or any region or country having to deal with this dreadful pandemic. I was thinking that, yes Leicester is a poor city indeed, it’s disgraceful and we all know which regions of England the Tory party and red Tory party protects, the SE.

      I see Northumberland is very low it’s a very big region, very low population partly or mainly because it’s a playground/residence for the rich and the Duke of makes sure the plebs are not allowed to move in, very little housing except for service staff for hotels and mansions etc. It’s good numbers are low there, for Scotland’s sake!

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    1. I do try but many times in vain to have my words which i choose with the utmost of caution
      To paint a picture that has truth painted all over the canvas
      Those who do not like such then avert your gaze and return your senses to those
      Who will & always seek to control your mind
      But unfortunately for them their mind is only being used not for the benefit of the controlled but that of the controlling
      A closed mind is akin to a Parachute
      Both are USELESS till they open
      So to all closed minds enjoy your journey
      But i kindly remind you tis the sudden thud that awaits you as you hit the ground that will make a very lasting impact indeed


  5. Notice latest Scottish data is Jun 24-30 but latest English data is Jun 16-21. What is it with England and their data? Why is nothing ever straightforward or transparent when Westminster is responsible for it? Makes you wonder what the map would look like with up-to-date English data.

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    1. I can assure if the data was by far in England’s favour then in it would be updated daily on a concise basis and if in fact their was newly found data on that basis it would be updated straight away
      Ah but they have nothing upon their song sheet to excericise their vocal cords such As Land of Hope and Glory ( tis it not most fortunate for them that The Last Night at The Proms cancelled )
      Do they
      But someone needs to reword the latter
      To read
      Land of Despair and Disease
      But we shall leave that to others from afar to do so as they stare upon the obvious

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      1. Yes so far not updated
        Probably due to change in format
        The sole purpose is continuation of the
        Web of Deceit They Weave
        Such data has changed the format on 3 separate occs. In the last 32 days

        And all done in a very clever way to paint a more favourable position for England
        They dare NOT do so for Scotland,Wales & N.I.

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  6. Maybe there is a reason but the UK Covid-19 website is showing yesterdays data – nothing for today…
    Hiding anything???


  7. The UK cover-19 website has been updated – UK total positive figure has increased by -30,000 over the past 24 hours (yes that is a Minus figure – it has dropped from 313483 to 283757…)
    However the England figure has increased by 83,146…
    Seriously – WFT!!! Either previous figures have been utter bollocks or else they are just generating random numbers and plugging them in where-ever they want.

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  8. Pictures tell lies just as well as words do. The data is cherry-picked on different dates to give a biased opinion. If you need to skew your data to reflect your opinion mayday it’s your opinion that’s skewed.


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