This is a survey by a union based in Licky Hills Country Park in North Worcestershire. Their Scottish membership is not published.

The EIS has 54 580 members in Scotland, including FE and HE lecturers, and over 80% of all schoolteachers are members.

So NASUWT membership, in Scotland, 10 000 or less?

The survey ‘report’ indicates:

Nearly half of teachers who responded to the survey said they do not feel prepared to return to their school or college in August and just 22% said they feel safe or very safe as a result of the provisions their employer is putting in place to mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

Only 350 responded. So only around 3% of their members could be bothered to respond and only 2% were in a state of uncertainty? 98% were not.

There are 51 138 teachers in Scotland. Only 350, or 0.7% of all Scottish teachers responded to the NASUWT survey email or tweet. Three quarters of them, 262 or 0.52% are ‘in a state of uncertainty.’

So between 98% and 99.5% of Scottish teachers not uncertain? Using Reporting Scotland rounding-up practice, 100% not uncertain?