Why are Scotland’s South Asians less likely to die from covid-19 than ‘white’ groups?


Is the above explained by this below from 10 days ago? Leicester has the highest South Asian population in the UK at 30% and they are more likely to be diabetic. 40% of South Asian hospital patients had diabetes compared with 25% of white groups and diabetes is very strongly correlated with covid mortality.


In Scotland too, South Asians seem to suffer more than other BAME groups.

However, in Scotland, South Asians are less likely to die than whites:

4.1% (225 000) of the Scottish population is recorded as one of the non-White ethnic minority groups yet they only make up 1% (90% Asians) of the Covid-19 deaths.



Is this because Scotland’s South Asians – Pakistanis, Sikhs, Indians – are a more urban, formally-educated group than the rural, impoverished Bangladeshis in England?

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