‘Paranoid cybernat’ attacks Tom Gordon again!

After reading that headline, I was surprised to see that TG was the bearer of good news. I read on, tentatively:

One of the First Minister’s advisers on the disease, Professor Devi Sridhar, said Scotland could become effectively Covid-free by the Autumn on the current trajectory, provided the test and trace system dealt with any ‘bumps’ on the way.

Good, good, then straight after that:

However it also emerged UK ministers may impose the country’s first local lockdown in Leicester after a surge in cases in the city.

Wait, ‘the country?’ Which country? England? Such decisions have been devolved so it wasn’t a UK-level decision.

Now, I know, I sense the ice-cracking, it was maybe just a slip. It’s the kind of thing English commentators often say.

It is important that I maintain some vestiges of sanity ‘after’ (BBC causal link term) daily attacks on the Herald’s reporting. Any cyber-psychoanalyist would soon find this:

I do not fancy him! No, I’m not getting a room! STFU! If I ever come out, it’ll be for a less cadaverous type.

Or…..is he playing with me now? Inserting these wee Union-sweetie treats to see if I’m paying attention? DOCCCTORRRR!!!!

19 thoughts on “‘Paranoid cybernat’ attacks Tom Gordon again!

  1. The differences in the handling of this between Scotland and England, and results are so stark that it is becoming more and more difficult for them to diss the Scottish government.

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  2. When an interviewee on Radio 5, this morning, attempted to suggest maybe “we”(England) should be following Scotland’s lead, and be more cautious–“I think they have had no deaths now, for several days”—-she was immediately cut off and the subject changed.

    The BEEB, as with other Brit Nat outlets, doesn’t want people to know about a Corona-free Scotland.

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    1. I heard this too and was astounded by the response to Scotland demonstrably getting rid of virus through stricter measures having no deaths for three consecutive days. WAS

      What would you do about people leaving litter behind!

      The respondant was taken aback and answered:


      5 live presenter just asked again about their advice on litter. You can’t make this garbage up!

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      1. I thought it was pretty much nailed by John himself.

        ‘However it also emerged UK ministers may impose the country’s first local lockdown in Leicester after a surge in cases in the city.

        Wait, ‘the country?’ Which country? England? Such decisions have been devolved so it wasn’t a UK-level decision. ‘

        Is a journalist willing to look alike an idiot deliberately to score a weak point.
        Or are they really just an idiot.
        Idiot both ways.

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  3. According to bill Whatfor peoples started wueuing at 5.30.
    Graham Smifth let the side down telling listeners that when he got tgere at 7.30. the only shop with a queue outside was Primark.
    Followed by a constant stream of callers and texters to the 9am Moan In saying they won’t be going out to risk their lives for non essential shopping.

    The BBC have LOST their audience.

    Psst. Got the FU . . . But stumped with the “ST”

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  4. Just saw Boris announce a Soviet-era “10 year plan” for school building (Englandshire).
    Next up will be a rise in tractor production, with “Hero of the Bullingdon Brexit Republic” medals (the very finest reconstituted plastic) medals being dished out.

    Gov Gen “Hi” Jack will be along to announce his bridge/tunnel/zipwire has now entered the pre-planning stage, and we can expect further updates……..blah, blah…..fullness of time……ra ‘Gers wins the Euro cup….blah……..Ruthie wins Strictly…..ho hum………….Ff@rrrrt…………..

    Boris was wearing a hard hat with the logo of a company on it.
    Free advertising? A Tory donor?………….Don’t ask.

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  5. Also in the Herald.
    Johnson pledges spending blitz to heal economy after Covid-19
    Here we are in Scotland having to go begging to Westspace for money and being told by the likes of Carlaw we should do better.
    Roll on Independence when we can get out of this corrupt Union.

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  6. This use of ‘the country’ or ‘the nation’ when it clearly applies to England is very widespread is unthinkingly automatic in many people – although, in the case of Mr Gordon, I suspect he knows clearly what he is doing.

    Recently, on a Zoom conversation with about a dozen friends, talk turned to the imminent announcement by the FM of Phase 2. One of the participants, born and brought up in the north east of England, but who has lived in Scotland continuously for more than 30 years and whose children were educated here, asked, in all sincerity, what she was supposed to do, because ‘she is English and Boris Johnson says …..’ This is someone who has never voted Tory and hates what they stand for.

    Much of this must be imbibed subconsciously from the BBC and other media.

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    1. Gordon Brewer and his chums are continually telling us “I’m confused” and ” the messaging is confused”

      People living in Scotland would be less confused if BBC Scotland stopped broadcasting advice from Westminster intended for people living in England.
      Worst example recently was cutting from the FM’s briefing to Johnson at Westminster.

      Currently the propagandists are STS that Scotland might bring in quarrantine at Scotland England border.

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    2. WRT the person born and brought up in NE of England, seems to be a clear case of being unable to think.

      The BBC and other media would see that as a result.

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