After reading that headline, I was surprised to see that TG was the bearer of good news. I read on, tentatively:

One of the First Minister’s advisers on the disease, Professor Devi Sridhar, said Scotland could become effectively Covid-free by the Autumn on the current trajectory, provided the test and trace system dealt with any ‘bumps’ on the way.

Good, good, then straight after that:

However it also emerged UK ministers may impose the country’s first local lockdown in Leicester after a surge in cases in the city.

Wait, ‘the country?’ Which country? England? Such decisions have been devolved so it wasn’t a UK-level decision.

Now, I know, I sense the ice-cracking, it was maybe just a slip. It’s the kind of thing English commentators often say.

It is important that I maintain some vestiges of sanity ‘after’ (BBC causal link term) daily attacks on the Herald’s reporting. Any cyber-psychoanalyist would soon find this:

I do not fancy him! No, I’m not getting a room! STFU! If I ever come out, it’ll be for a less cadaverous type.

Or… he playing with me now? Inserting these wee Union-sweetie treats to see if I’m paying attention? DOCCCTORRRR!!!!