Ms Janet Agnes Monifeith (87), of Crieff, has reacted angrily after reading of the Scottish Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes (17), handing proposals to re-start Britain’s economy, to the UK Government.

Seriously, I’ve been impressed by Forbes right from the start but this surpasses any previous slap-down for a UK Chancellor.

She did what? Does she think I’m an idiot? An eejit? Whotsthat?

According to the Herald:

FINANCE Secretary Kate Forbes has handed proposals to re-start Britain’s economy to the UK Government – including plans for a national debt plan and extending Scotland’s financial powers. The UK-wide £80 billion proposals have been drawn up to help the economy recovery amid the emergence from the lockdown – with incentives for low carbon projects and new fiscal rules which prioritise economic growth over reducing the deficit during times of crisis.


It turns out the Forbes proposal is plagiarised!

Jackson Carlaw calls for her resignation!


She copied parts of it from her own Masters dissertation! It only got a B but experts say its still better than anything Sunak could think of.