Scottish Conservative councillor calls Finance Secretary a ‘cheeky wee besom!’

Ms Janet Agnes Monifeith (87), of Crieff, has reacted angrily after reading of the Scottish Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes (17), handing proposals to re-start Britain’s economy, to the UK Government.

Seriously, I’ve been impressed by Forbes right from the start but this surpasses any previous slap-down for a UK Chancellor.

She did what? Does she think I’m an idiot? An eejit? Whotsthat?

According to the Herald:

FINANCE Secretary Kate Forbes has handed proposals to re-start Britain’s economy to the UK Government – including plans for a national debt plan and extending Scotland’s financial powers. The UK-wide £80 billion proposals have been drawn up to help the economy recovery amid the emergence from the lockdown – with incentives for low carbon projects and new fiscal rules which prioritise economic growth over reducing the deficit during times of crisis.


It turns out the Forbes proposal is plagiarised!

Jackson Carlaw calls for her resignation!


She copied parts of it from her own Masters dissertation! It only got a B but experts say its still better than anything Sunak could think of.

13 thoughts on “Scottish Conservative councillor calls Finance Secretary a ‘cheeky wee besom!’”

  1. Jacks son Carlot and “resignation”.

    Yup, we are all resigned to his daily bluster and red-faced blather.

    Perhaps he could socially distance himself from the rest of us.
    Give our jaws a wee rest. Mine are sore laughing at him.

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      1. Huh. Next you’ll be telling us Janet isn’t actually from Crieff! What else have you wilfully misled us about?! No wonder you have no readers in Greenland.

        Good grief
        If Janet’s from Crieff
        It maybe might have been
        Kate was seventeen

        But fling in a bluff
        And we go in a huff
        Only then to see
        There is no way she got a B

        Kate knows her finances
        Far better than Sunak has any chances
        Of finding his arse with both hands and a map
        He should really come begging with a cap
        For the real recovery plan on the ground
        Kate has given him for free unbound.

        Yeah yeah, my rhyming couplets stink, never could get the hang of it 😀

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      2. No not at all, I’m just messing with you, didn’t you like my poem? You are meant to argue with me and tell me how brilliant I am. I like your entertaining articles, but sometimes one’s brain sticks on certain things – and for some weirdo reason my brain got stuck on Kate Forbes’ age, no idea why so I thought it best to blame you for this. I’ve given up logic for the week, don’t expect any sense 😉

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      3. I love the poem.

        She reminds me of those smart P7 girls who kept me right on daily arrangements when I was teaching.

        Kate: ‘Mr Robertson it’s assembly in ten minutes! Nicola, get Mr Robertson’s assembly jacked and his tie! And brush the chalkdust off!’


  2. Nothing wrong with using your own dissertation work, so long as modifications are made to reflect where the markers thought the ideas had gone wrong.


  3. Kate Forbes, an absolute star. Stepped in and stepped up without a blink.
    Could the Brit Nits do likewise?

    Scottish Labour are so talented they have all been Leader of the gang, until they lose another election. But haud the bus, whits this?——Ian Murray, the podgy Morningsider asserts they are all “thugs and incompetents”! Jaikie Baillie and James Kelly? That’s harsh!

    The Toadies? The Invisible Man has a higher profile than most of them.
    But oor Murdo is good with big numbers. That could be because in every election, every one has a bigger number than him.
    The public has HIS number, so to speak.

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