Two advisers to the Scottish Government explain how the Scottish strategy has succeeded and how the English one is doomed to recurring lock-downs, to a glum-faced Jon Snow.

Why has this happened?

The two experts attribute much of the credit to the Scottish Government’s strategy of more careful lock-down and release and its consistent, clear and transparent communications, but these have mattered too:

NHS Scotland has a higher staffing ratio.

Scotland’s hospitals with their in-house cleaning did not have mass Norovirus closures last winter as NHS England did.

NHS Scotland has a vastly superior A&E performance.

Scotland’s 50 unique coronavirus assessment centres kept infected patients away from GP surgeries.

Urban Scots have obeyed the social distancing rules more than their counterparts in the South.

I have the evidence for all these claims. They’re easy found. Any half-baked health correspondent will have the necessary research skills.