Channel 4 News confirms success of Scottish Covid strategy and condemns Tory failures

Two advisers to the Scottish Government explain how the Scottish strategy has succeeded and how the English one is doomed to recurring lock-downs, to a glum-faced Jon Snow.

Why has this happened?

The two experts attribute much of the credit to the Scottish Government’s strategy of more careful lock-down and release and its consistent, clear and transparent communications, but these have mattered too:

NHS Scotland has a higher staffing ratio.

Scotland’s hospitals with their in-house cleaning did not have mass Norovirus closures last winter as NHS England did.

NHS Scotland has a vastly superior A&E performance.

Scotland’s 50 unique coronavirus assessment centres kept infected patients away from GP surgeries.

Urban Scots have obeyed the social distancing rules more than their counterparts in the South.

I have the evidence for all these claims. They’re easy found. Any half-baked health correspondent will have the necessary research skills.

21 thoughts on “Channel 4 News confirms success of Scottish Covid strategy and condemns Tory failures”

  1. Not much wonder John Snow looks so glum – the UK/English gov being rightfully savaged for its political re-opening rather than waiting till the virus is under proper control.

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  2. I predict “Local Lockdowns” in:
    This allows the Johnson clowns to pretend that the battle over the virus is won in the UK and that only localised outbreaks are taking place.
    A bit like they are claiming no Brexit extension but want a temporary free trade area with the EU.
    All smoke and mirrors.

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    1. scot gov stats tell us where the new cases are at local authority level. It seems the equivalent information is not available to english authorities in the light of leicester debacle.


  3. The general editorial line of Channel 4News has been one of hostility to the Scottish Government and this has been the case for several years. At the start of the lockdown period, Channel 4 News via Ciaran Jenkins presented nightly reports, which were framed as a failure, particularly in relation to Care Homes and highlighted ‘problems’. The programme did not deal with the issue of Care homes in England, and, like all of the media have not addressed the issue that most care homes are privately owned.

    So, for this interview to say at the outset that ‘Scotland is “celebrating” the fourth day with no deaths’ is quite a change, even though us of a Calvinist upbringing winced at the idea of ‘celebrating’, because a vengeful God might smite us for our hubris!

    I suspect that the unionist media in Scotland will redouble their efforts to present the SG in an even worse light than they have been doing up to now.

    The New Statesman has an article stating that in a referendum Scotland would likely vote for independence. It was pretty factual, but was no more than James Kelly and others have been saying for a while now. However, given the New Statesman’s hostility and contempt for Scotland, this should be read as a warning that action at the UK level is needed to stop this. The article was bewailing the ‘loss’ of the great hope for the metropolitan lefty liberals, Ms Ruth Davidson.

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      1. It is important to recognise that in a number of ways Channel 4 News is markedly better than the BBC News and, has often produced pieces which have ‘spoken truth unto power’ and have challenged governmental arrogance.

        What I genuinely do not understand fully is the interplay between the personal attitudes and value of the reporter and those of the programme editors and others in authority within – and without – the organisation. Of course, by being selected to be a reporter it is probable that this person is perceived to have adherence to the ‘values’ of the employer and, so, the organisation can rely on the person to adopt the appropriate line in interviewing and framing the report. So, for example, we are pretty sure that Sarah Smith and Glenn Campbell are presenting a unionist line with a tendency towards labour tribalism. However, there are other reporters who present a more objective – in as far as that is possible in the circumstances – report.

        It is interesting that Stuart Cosgrove, of whom I have a generally favourable view, thought that Ciaran Jenkins’ reports on care homes were good.

        More important is the fact in this case Jon Snow presented the actions of the SG favourably. I think that many in England, and not just in the media are realising that Scotland and the Scottish Government are not all bad. The comparison with the Borisonian lyin basturts is clear to most people and many are realising that it is not unreasonable for Scotland to run its own affairs.

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      2. Reckon CH4 has been anti Scot Gov as long as I can remember, when they interview a rep. Of S. G. often the presenter’s demeanour would change, constant interruptions, letting listeners know they don’t like the interviewee , in the past Jon Snow would talk gently to Nicola Sturgeon as if she was a niave child.

        For some time the Programme has been unable to get a rep. of Tory Gov. on. Snow has given Brexiteers grillings.
        Re the two Scot Gov. Advisers, think its giving credit where its due and an attempt to make Hancock do better by England. When thoughts turn to independence etc, IMO they will revert back to form.


      3. Many years ago when being interviewed on a BBC Scotland politics prog. Stuart Cosgrove said .some thing along the lines of. . . I’m supposed to take a pro snp/ independence line .

        More recently during last days of Gordon Strachan’s reign as Scottish Manager, on a saturday afternoon radio scotland aired a witches cauldron of unionists out to damage Strachan . . . ., Stuart C. Was there abd took his part in putting the boot in.


      4. I don’t always agree with how Scottish events are portrayed by CH4 but wouldn’t that generally be the case with balanced reporting? They are the only outlet that is happy to offer credit where it is due, as in this case.

        They are also the only main channel that holds the government to account for all their **** ups. That is why government minsters seldom agree to be interviewed by them. They are also the channel who raised Devi Shridar’s profile, She is on there every other night being interviewed and they are happy to let he be critical of the UK government.


  4. Snow looks very worried, aww. Maybe his son is worried about the effects on the land owners (thieves imho) in an independent Scotland, because land reform will be a necessity to Scotland’s environmental protections etc.

    Ch4, Britnat estblishment pretendy voice of the peeple, in England, enemy of Scotland. Can’t have been nice for them to hear positive things being said about Scotland and in particular Scotland’s government. They really can’t abide the SNP can they.

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  5. Not so sure Snow could do other than contrast the Scotland and England conditions, he will be acutely aware the stark differences between SG and #10’s handling of this pandemic has been and continues to be reported internationally, none favourable to the Johnson/Cummings school.
    Reicher and Sridhar expressing honest opinion without some political vulture circling menacingly overhead made for informed viewing.

    Sridhar’s observation local lockdown relies on public compliance, in turn dependant on public trust in government, hit the nail on the head.
    Whilst SG enjoy a high level of trust (even extending across greater England), the Tories have obsessed with destroying SG trust rather than boost their own, and this plays straight to Sridhar’s associated point – Those seeking “escape” from local lockdown could drive an uncontrolled escalation in infections, precisely opposite to the purpose.

    Is that the Cummings/Johnson objective? Chaos, mass death and disruption, and get away with it like naughty schoolboys ?
    There have been WAY too many screwups to be coincidence to my mind.

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  6. Anthony Costello tweet.

    The cabinet is bypassing PHE prior to closing it down. SAGE still has no independent PH or BAME member. They have said nothing on the shambles of test and trace. No one knows what data the Joint Biosecurity Centre is collecting. And LAs and DPHs don’t receive test data.
    Quote Tweet

    KK Cheng
    · 28 Jun
    When the Mayor of a city at risk of being locked down said that they had to ask the Government for weeks to get their own local data, you understand why we had such a bad pandemic. What kind of public health system is this? @profchrisham @ProfDonnaHall @Jeanelleuk @JeremyFarrar…

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    1. Saw that earlier on another’s recommendation sam, and the Leicester City fiasco only raises again my question why ANY Government would design a system to so comprehensively fail when it is desperately needed in an emergency. Too many coincidental screwups…

      Beyond the merits of masks discussion for the immediate pandemic, one of the aspects Prof Prather touched on was deployment of UV which reminded me of an earlier object lesson.
      The ACE emergency taskforce mandated with converting existing buildings as well as building new field hospitals in the US were adamant on negative pressure for rooms, filtration then UV treatment (Trump’s powerful light moment) for exhaust and supply, and onerous disinfection procedures throughout.
      It is more than ironic to see the UK obsess over the 0 v 1 v 2m rule, folks being harried to crowd into Tubes underground and in the air to save the economy and die, while pockets of the US are arming to the teeth to preserve their right to die.
      It’s a funny old world, and getting younger on average…


      1. I think i have covid-expert transference.

        But seriously, isn’t t it weird that we (or at least i) fall head over heals when someone starts making sense.
        John Ashton is another sanity life-buoy.


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