Tory councillor pretends to be journalist to spread conspiracy theory about SNP

City of Edinburgh, Conservative and Unionist councillor pops up again, unannounced but, for the first time with an entertaining headline. Here are his last four entries here:

Make Tories look bad‘?

McLellan opens with a quote from the Clash. The Clash? Their second album? Cool knowledge there. Those hardcore leftist squatters he loved when he was at Stirling University in the punk era and who have ever since informed his thinking as a Tory adviser and then councillor?

It reminds me of the moment when former Eton schoolboy David Cameron expressed his fondness for the Jam’s Eton Rifles then wondered why everybody was laughing.

Anyhow, you’ve seen the headline above. McLennan thinks the SNP is out to get the Tories and needs to make them look bad.

No, no, it’s way beyond that time now. Boris, Jackson and others too many to mention have done that. It’s over. You look irreparably bad now. In 2021 you lose everything and join the Lib Dems in the wilderness.

You will survive because there will always be enough folk stuck in a nasty grudging mindset to vote for you and to get you a few list MSPs. The local elections look a bit less sure for you.

8 thoughts on “Tory councillor pretends to be journalist to spread conspiracy theory about SNP”

  1. Universal basic Income, is discussed, trialled, pondered over; all over the world…..but the Tories and their media, with their tiny parochial world view, talk about it as if it could only apply to the SNP and Scotland.
    Its Tories who make other Tories look bad. That is because they ARE bad!

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  2. It seems very similar to a famous quote from Lord Foulkes who said something at long the lines ”the SNP were doing these things deliberately to improve people’s lives’ as some form of accusation. The mentality of the man merely demonstrates why Labour are dead in the water in Scotland.

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  3. The Tories have treated the health crisis as a political event right from the beginning.
    The idea that a government might actually put the welfare of it’s citizens as a top priority is an alien concept to them in their pursuit of personal gain and aggrandisement.
    This applies to all of the unionist parties operating in Scotland,they cannot abide seeing the SNP government being lauded by most Scots for it’s handling of this crisis and are doing all they can to undermine that trust.

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  4. John McLellan or John McTernan?

    Why is it I cannot tell the difference?

    Its like margarine or vegemite—you wouldn’t NATURALLY pick either!

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  5. Another Tory councillor. Willing to cause harm to oppose the SNP?

    Kathleen Leslie 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Well said
    – I will do exactly the same. The United Kingdom is one country & my holiday decisions will be based on information from the UK Government. 🇬🇧 ✈️
    Quote Tweet

    Gail Macgregor
    · 27 Jun
    Replying to @gorbalsgoebbels, @graciegrann and @HumzaYousaf
    We were discussing this earlier, given my location in Scotland I’m far more likely to fly from Newcastle or Manchester, how do they police me? We’re UK and foreign policy is reserved, I’ll take my travel advice from @DominicRaab


  6. More devious and desperate nonsense from a ridiculous Tory. He and his comrades in that party still can’t understand what’s happening around them.

    Hint to Johnny Boy – it’s not all about you guys, You’re really not that important as a collective let alone as individuals. Your days of having meaningful influence in Scotland are waning fast. Your masters at Westminster are doing everything in their power to ensure that.


  7. Not that I am a fan of that wee shite McLellan – but, he was a journalist before he became a Tory Councillor. I concede, that could be used as a condemnation of him: he should perhaps have known better.

    I agree, party affiliations etc ought to be declared.

    But, we have to accept, The Scotsman’s management is part of Scotland’s enemy within.


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