City of Edinburgh, Conservative and Unionist councillor pops up again, unannounced but, for the first time with an entertaining headline. Here are his last four entries here:

Make Tories look bad‘?

McLellan opens with a quote from the Clash. The Clash? Their second album? Cool knowledge there. Those hardcore leftist squatters he loved when he was at Stirling University in the punk era and who have ever since informed his thinking as a Tory adviser and then councillor?

It reminds me of the moment when former Eton schoolboy David Cameron expressed his fondness for the Jam’s Eton Rifles then wondered why everybody was laughing.

Anyhow, you’ve seen the headline above. McLennan thinks the SNP is out to get the Tories and needs to make them look bad.

No, no, it’s way beyond that time now. Boris, Jackson and others too many to mention have done that. It’s over. You look irreparably bad now. In 2021 you lose everything and join the Lib Dems in the wilderness.

You will survive because there will always be enough folk stuck in a nasty grudging mindset to vote for you and to get you a few list MSPs. The local elections look a bit less sure for you.