Today, the outgoing Auditor General for Scotland, Caroline Gardner, was pounced on by Gordon Brewer, in a frantic effort to get her to say something bad about the Scottish Government. I feared he might manage given her previous reporting but covid-19 has changed her.

At the end, he pulled out his Jackson Carlaw-inspired big fib but she was having none of it.

After trying to soften us and her up with praise for the NHS hospitals, he tried this:

But others….you sort of get the impression that ministers have been pulling at strings with nothing attached to the ed of them. Organising PPE. It may have happened eventually but it took ages,much longer than anyone expected. TESTING! We’re still only doing a fraction of the testing that would be needed….

He rambled angrily on as she waited disdainfully before saying:

Im sure there will be lessons to be learned from this BUT ACTUALLY, on balance I agree with the first part of your question (on the hospitals). I think the way the Scottish Government and public services have responded has been astounding. As well as the examples you’ve highlighted, we’ve seen homeless people taken off the streets. We’ve seen vouchers to children who would have received school meals to ensure they continue being fed. All of that is fantastic and we should learn from it.

He won’t.