Glasgow stabbings: SNP leaders warned UK of humanitarian crisis a year ago

On 26th July, BBC Scotland Glasgow and West wrote, unattributed:

A mass eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow has begun as part of a housing provider’s lock-changing programme. The Scottish government has written to the new Home Secretary calling for her to intervene in the mass eviction. Communities and local government secretary Aileen Campbell urged Priti Patel to ensure people who reach the end of the asylum process are not left destitute, adding that the ongoing legal action should be allowed to reach its conclusion. Glasgow City Council’s leader Susan Aitken warned the move could lead to a “humanitarian crisis” – and urged the new minister for immigration to intervene. Susan Aitken said: “I remain deeply concerned about the impact of lock changes and a UK government policy which both demands its contractors force people from their homes and simultaneously prevents local agencies from helping those facing destitution.

While the asylum seekers did not end up on the streets, it is clear now that the Home Office’s contractor, Serco then Sears, merely dumped them in hotels with no screening for mental health conditions and without financial support.

8 thoughts on “Glasgow stabbings: SNP leaders warned UK of humanitarian crisis a year ago

  1. I was looking at this yesterday. It was with regard to the UK government’s use of policies, particularly welfare policies, that cause harm across the UK. Meanwhile, the devolved governments are refused the powers to enable them to try to mitigate or prevent those policies from applying. it is applicable to asylum seekers. It is clear that this group of people have consistently had violations of their human rights by UK government policy. Crowdfunding prosecution?,of%20physical%20and%20mental%20health.

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  2. The events of yesterday received substantial coverage on the UK broadcasting media yesterday, but today, the UK pages on the BBC give it only cursory attention, and that is mainly in relation to the injured police officer. There is no reporting of the issue of the treatment of asylum seekers by the Home Office – and this is a reserved matter, not one devolved you the SG.

    There were nod and wink allusions to the local community being a ‘powder keg’. But, this was not explained. It was left hanging on the wall, perhaps to nudge people to recall the wilfully misreported recent events in George Square where ‘loyalists‘ and demonstrators for asylum seekers threw missiles when both had assembled for ‘illegal’ demonstrations. The BBC was suggesting a moral equivalence, between the two groups, especially as the CELTIC SUPPORTING GREEN BRIGADE had been involved on behalf of asylum seekers and Black Lives Matter.

    Undoubtedly, conditions within the hotel were described by supporters of asylum seekers as a ‘powder keg’, and, the mental health of the asylum seekers has long been identified as a serious issue, due to the treatment under ‘hostile environment’.

    The area within a half mile radius of the hotel has almost no residents, being mainly retail and commercial business, so there is no ‘community’ in the normal meaning of the word as could be applied to, say, Partick, Shawlands, Hillhead, Carntyne. There is no community powder keg. Yet, on the Radio 4 News at 10pm it was stated as a fact.

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  3. Don’t the Scottish government get substantial amounts of money from the E.U. for taking those people in and isn’t there duty to put the money were it should go. Why when something goes wrong it’s his fault not mine always get mentioned … My father would repremand me for not standing up and taking the blame when it was my fault.


  4. Quite right that the emphasis was on the injured policeman. He run in to the danger to protect people regardless of their race, status, creed or religious beliefs. It’s about people got behind our police,firemen,nurses, prion officers and ambulance crews. Don’t forget these services do a bad and times bloody dangerous job to protect us all.


  5. These were failed Asylum seekers and should have been deported a long time ago but for the intervention of left wing troublemakers and mob doo gooders.


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