On 26th July, BBC Scotland Glasgow and West wrote, unattributed:

A mass eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow has begun as part of a housing provider’s lock-changing programme. The Scottish government has written to the new Home Secretary calling for her to intervene in the mass eviction. Communities and local government secretary Aileen Campbell urged Priti Patel to ensure people who reach the end of the asylum process are not left destitute, adding that the ongoing legal action should be allowed to reach its conclusion. Glasgow City Council’s leader Susan Aitken warned the move could lead to a “humanitarian crisis” – and urged the new minister for immigration to intervene. Susan Aitken said: “I remain deeply concerned about the impact of lock changes and a UK government policy which both demands its contractors force people from their homes and simultaneously prevents local agencies from helping those facing destitution.


While the asylum seekers did not end up on the streets, it is clear now that the Home Office’s contractor, Serco then Sears, merely dumped them in hotels with no screening for mental health conditions and without financial support.