BBC Scotland pushing against SNP Government lock-down strategy on behalf of undeclared business interests

BBC Scotland staffer Angie Brown clearly knows Stef Scott, Content Marketing Manager at TravelNest. She appears as the lead ‘parent’ in the above report pushing SNP-led Edinburgh City Council to be less cautious about a school residential trip and also leads in this on 11th June:

In neither case are Scott’s commercial interests mentioned. There are only three mums in this protest. We don’t know what commercial interests the other two have. We don’t hear how the BBC writer heard of the story other than through, perhaps, just being a pal. Most of all, we don’t know if the parents of the other 27 or so kids in the class agree or disagree.

Maybe Brown should contact the school and ask the Head Teacher if there has been a wider protest? Might that spoil the whole story?

It would be tough being a real journalist.

11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland pushing against SNP Government lock-down strategy on behalf of undeclared business interests”

  1. Looks like she has a position on school opening.

    “Angie Brown Retweeted
    Tessa Dunlop
    And the vast majority of our children remain out of school…
    Quote Tweet

    BBC News (World)
    · 22h
    Study of children with Covid-19 in Europe suggests deaths are extremely rare

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  2. Well now, wouldn’t that be blissful, if the BBC actually interviewed other people to give ‘balance’ to all their stories! Just imagine: ‘this family says…(some whiny shit), but all these other people that would be affected think something completely different and wish that family would go bile thir heids’

    The radio Scotland news just gave a brief report about the airports being a virus free for all, concluding ‘it is not known who would benefit’ in respect to Scotland. Benefit. That was their only qualifying word. Benefit. Not, worrying, not carnage, not will this destroy the progress we’ve made. Interesting choice of wording, all hail the empire, they know best.

    I nearly missed you on the Alex Salmond Show John! Looking good, as I said before, you have great tv presence, you come across well, despite the lack of bookshelves.

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    1. Thanks

      Great TV presence? Really? No, you’re the first to tell me that.

      I was brutally edited!

      My wee sign on the drawers read ‘Rows of books for the camera means insecurity’ and the book on show was Love in the time of Cholera!

      All gags missed.

      Hope you are well.

      No big pieces for The Tusker recently?


      1. I watched it on the tiniest screen ever so I missed all your carefully placed gags – you’ll need to make them bigger to account for all video-display devices. I like the trend of bookshelf-display (luckily I don’t need to show my face and background so no staging required!), it adds a kind of new theme to interviews, not that I’ve watched many.

        It actually looked like you were brutally edited as well, there were obvious gaps in there. You should post the YouTube video of the show – it’s actually a nicely (brief) informative discussion about Scottish history.

        I’m doing fine thank you, ups and downs you know – all the different restrictions and rules make the outside world far too complicated for me so I won’t be racing out to the shops or the cinema as soon as they are available again. I have kind of lost interest in current affairs just now, I even restrict myself to an hour of radio news in the morning, and maybe once a week catch up on the new set of lockdown rules. So, no articles for you sorry, but I’m sure my interest in the outside world will come back. I do find it irritating how the whole focus in the uk and Scotland is to do with the political as regards coronavirus, especially the radio doing a political analysis of the daily brief – did they maybe not think a science correspondent might be more appropriate – but then the briefs are so focused on the political. Meh, not irritated enough to comment at length and deal with the backlash, and then there is the interesting levels of state interference: Alex Salmond, Craig Murray et al, and I noted Tom Devine’s reference to history, where all dissenters of the union were shipped out of Scotland – are we due another clearances episode because of the increased support for independence? I can’t join in with any positivity because all I see are sinister things afoot and see no resilience to prevent history repeating itself,,, so – best keeping my mouth shut until I can find something constructive to say! There are occasional updates on the Keating’s Forward as One judicial review case, but it’s mostly administrative stuff, so haven’t bothered posting any of it – lots of negativity ‘what’s the point’ attitudes about it anyway. I’m sure I’ll get back into it, just not just now.

        What on earth is a book titled ‘love in the time of cholera’ about?! Historical? Factual? Fictional?

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      2. I saw you too, couldn’t read the piece of paper either.
        Covid haircut?

        A lot of the discussion between Sir Tom and Alex was covered in Kenny MacAskills book Radical Scotland.

        Bet you Eck reads the blog.

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      3. Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Columbian Nobel Prize Winner. Tried to read it as a young but didn’t get. Get it now.

        Beatles All You Need is Love much shorter.


  3. The BBC Scotland website quotes one parent as saying: “This is not just a fun thing it is a very important part of the curriculum’. Apart from the missing full stop + capital letter in the middle of that comment, there’s also no attempt to explain why a trip to an outdoor centre is an ‘important part of the curriculum’.

    Since young people have mostly missed 12 – or is it 13 – weeks now, maybe other parents and teachers think there might be more important things to think about in the P7 curriculum.

    And, amazingly, no one has told these parents and their offspring about secondary school. Even in this poor place called Glasgow, a lot of secondary schools manage to offer their students a day trip to the Scottish Parliament, a long weekend in London, a visit to Alton Towers (with no pretence that that’s anything other than a great day oot), even trips to France or Italy.

    So chin up, Edinburgers, The future is bright!

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