Carnage Park Glasgow disappoints with no riot, no injuries, no arrest, no anything really

The Herald’s headlines have become quite astonishing.

Carnage? Don’t be stupid. There are millions on the Dorset roads and beaches and they’re not calling it that.

Air unit? One helicopter which is in the air all the time looking out for incidents.

Ground fleet? Several cars and vans.

Drafted in? Just called for. No military mission.

Evacuate? Just told to go home and mostly doing it?

Somebody at the Herald needs to see a doctor.

5 thoughts on “Carnage Park Glasgow disappoints with no riot, no injuries, no arrest, no anything really

  1. Re.someone at The Herald needing to see a Doctor
    Fret not i have requested that a nurse attend upon said person and to make sure they have a straight jacket
    Update said nurse was abouts to respond to my urgent call,when they informed me they have seen your post and now inform me that no straight jacket will be needed
    Instead they are bringing a needle

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    1. Lets all just sit back with a drink or two this summer and enjoy the union hacks symbiotic relationship with the Britnat state disintegrate into a farce of such stupidity that they help deliver self determination for Scotland and destroy themselves in the process.
      Their attacks are getting more ridiculous by the day and the hacks are looking more ridiculous by the day.
      Who needs the Edinburgh Festival when we can have a ringside seat at the Festival of Self Destruction

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      1. Bill Whatford to Sir Harry Burns

        And what will you do if they (Scot Gov.) don’t act on your recommendations.

        Sir Harry Burns “(small laugh) . . . . The Scottish Gov. Are very good at acting on good information”

        Bill Whatford (with what little dignity remains) ” Thank you Sir Harry Burns

        The Sick Propagandist then turns to the enormous crowds obviously spreading Covid-19 in Gkasgow’s parks .


  2. That £3 Million of Scottish Taxpayers money given as a Covid advertising bail out these Propaganda sheets is being well spent to continue the BritNat Soft Coup against the Scottish Government!

    Imagine how much good could have done with it instead.

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    1. They will, at some point, be back for more.

      You send them to Gov Gen Jack for succour. He want propaganda, let him fund it.


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