The UK’s excess deaths soar to 65 700, shielding English and concealing lower Scottish figures since divergence

Under that strange choice of photograph, the New Scientist reported:

The number of excess deaths in the UK since mid-March now stands at 65,700, according to an analysis of data from the Office of National Statistics by the Financial Times. Excess deaths are a calculation of how many more deaths have occurred than would normally be expected, and include deaths from any cause.

The official figures remain at 42,927:

Using the ONS/FT figures, Scotland’s excess deaths would be a twelfth or around 5 500.

BBC Scotland using NRS data on the 17th June put the figure at 4 878.

More important, for deciding what to do next, are death rates in more recent weeks, after the Scottish Government diverged from the UK ‘herd immunity’ strategy in late March.

The 7 day average for Scotland is currently 2, whereas it is around 120 in England. Per capita, the rate in England is nearly 6 times higher.

One thought on “The UK’s excess deaths soar to 65 700, shielding English and concealing lower Scottish figures since divergence

  1. Not sure where to put this link.Hope you won’t mind if it goes here.

    The EU signed lots (how many? ) over 100 deals with other countries. There was a time when the UK government was hoping/lieing that countries that had trade deals with the UK as a result of trade deals made on our behalf by the EU would just be “rolled over” on Brexit. That is, they would be unchanged. Fat chance.

    Japan is in the box seat with the re-negotiation of the Japan- UK deal after Brexit.

    “Like some other countries with EU trade deals, Japan has declined to simply roll over its existing agreement for the UK after Brexit and has instead reopened talks”. And the reason for the haste? “Japanese negotiators this week piled extra pressure on Boris Johnson by accelerating the schedule for a deal, citing a lack of time in their parliamentary calendar”.

    “Japan has given Britain just six weeks to sign up to a post-Brexit trade deal or face disruption to its imports and exports”

    “In the latest sign that the ‘swashbuckling’ drive to sign deals with countries around the world is proving less than straightforward, the UK could lose favourable access to Japanese markets it enjoyed as part of EU membership if no agreement is signed. UK negotiators also face the prospect of being bounced into a deal on unfavourable terms, as countries like Japan seek to use the reopening of talks to gain further concessions against the UK””

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