Support for independence goes 8% clear!

In the last few days, we see two full polls (1 000+) with support for independence clear by 3% and 8% and a very encouraging 54% support in today’s Panelbase poll for Business for Scotland.

This is the biggest lead since the August 2015 poll by Ipsos MORI of 9%.

The 2020 polls, taken together, suggest the strongest and most stable support ever.

3 thoughts on “Support for independence goes 8% clear!”

  1. From your keyboard to god’s ear, as they say. We have so much we need to do to make Scotland a decent place to live, starting with land reform and moving on to introducing Universal Basic Income, tax reform, nationalisation of key resources and local government reform.

    Has anyone got a list?

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  2. Oh dear, that’ll have a few Britnats with a wee panic in their breastie’s!

    If only the Britnats and their government would set their ‘subsidy junkie’ adrift, it’s perplexing to wonder what on earth stops them…

    I just sincerely wish there was not a drop of oil in Scottish waters remaining. The gold must be bringing in a few bob for the Eng treasury by now as well. Who would give all that up, and much more?

    However, England has much to lose, unless they agree to an amicable divorce, where they might get to have some of the booty from Scotland’s massive resources. But they don’t do negotiation or sharing do they.

    Have a look at the ‘UK’ EngGov webpage ‘delivering for Scotland’, telling us all how fantastic ‘devolution’ is for Scotland, all those £billions via the ‘block grant’ and a few quid that Scotland is allowed to raise from ‘devolved taxes and revenues’. It could hardly be more patronising.

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  3. Support for independence goes 8% clear! well that’s encouraging, it also means the media hysteria will be ratcheted up a couple of notches, busy time ahead for the Tusker.


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