In an astonishing, even for them, foray into political campaigning, an unattributed BBC Scotland report today, joins Jackson Carlaw and Jack McConnell in a drive to undermine the elected government’s strategy, developed with the teaching unions and local government and approved of by the wider public in repeated polls.

Using evidence from 5, only, parents selected to agree with the frankly sociopathic sentiments in their headline, BBC Scotland goes well beyond it’s remit to educate, entertain and inform to direct and irresponsible intervention in political processes.

Here is their methodology section: ‘These parents have told the BBC’ 

Given the failure to explain their sampling technique, we are left to wonder just why these five?

As it turns out:

One of the five is a former BBC staffer and the other four seem likely to just be known to them.

“We want them to go back full time and we are willing to take the risks that come with that”

Those are the words of one of BBC Scotland’s 5 ‘witnesses’, ‘hugely successful’ former BBC staffer and now the wife of a Jura land-owner, Claire Fletcher. In November 2019, in the P&J she offers these immodest thoughts:

What if you could leave this frantic pace behind and settle down in a close-knit community, where strong bonds run through generations of families? Claire Fletcher did exactly that when she abandoned a hugely successful career in Glasgow for life in one of the wildest places in Scotland. But visiting and living here all year round, well, the reality is very different. I had a pretty intense career with the BBC, I was head of live music for Radio 1.

‘Hugely successful?’ Who uses that kind of language about themselves?

Whose lives is she offering to risk here? The islanders? All of them? Just the now useless elderly?

A second member of the 5 is Anne Lockhart of East Lothian. Is she, perhaps, the BBC River City actor of the same name based in North Berwick or the mum of reporter David Lockhart?

Once more, BBC Scotland selects a handful of ‘members of the public’ to make a case for an argument only really held strongly by opportunistic opposition politicians eager for a scalp regardless of the costs for the rest of us.


Grating minds think alike?

By stewartb

This could be a day to remember. Could BBC Scotland now finally, openly be operating as a campaigning organisation?

Regardless of one’s view on the tough choices surrounding the re-opening of Scotland’s schools in August, the editorial decisions taken when publishing an article today, 21 June on the ‘Scotland’ page of the BBC News website are, frankly, quite remarkable.

The BBC aggregates and amplifies the personal views of five parents, all holding one position – a return to full-time, normal schooling in August. There is no parent or carer expressing a counter or even an equivocal view.

However, I can’t resist sharing one startling quote from the article:

“We want them to go back full time and we are willing to take the risks that come with that”

So says, notably, a parent who lives and whose children are schooled in small island communities off Scotland’s west coast ( – and not Skye!).