BBC Scotland really taking the pass

The Saturday, 20 June BBC 1 TV schedule for Scotland

By stewartb:

I know – why do I pay the licence fee? I know – what do I expect?  I know – what’s new here?

But really – this is Saturday night on BBC 1 in Scotland where many, many still pay the licence fee!

This is ‘one-nationhood’ taken to … Forget that, they are now just taking the p-ss!

7 thoughts on “BBC Scotland really taking the pass

  1. You’re very law-abiding . I stopped paying the licence tax last year. I feel no guilt. BBC is awful.
    Not that the other terrestrial channels are any better, but they’re not feeding me a steady diet of the Tudors, the royal family, English football and The War.

    When I saw the sentimental claptrap trotted out on Vera Lynn’s death , I thought 2 things: how much my late father loathed her voice warbling out of the radio. “We had enough of that during the War”. And then I thought this is a rehearsal for the death of the queen, except the tributes to her will go on for a fortnight: complete with pictures of the coronation, the New Elizabethan Age, her war service, the corgis and Balmorality.

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      1. I concur due to the consideration your tasks are those of a essential worker
        And for those who elect NOT to pay the licence you are our ears
        As we switch off and seek the facts from sources akin to your fine efforts

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  2. As prev.stated When presented with licence renewal i it used for toilet purposes
    No way shall i pay for them
    Anyway I have retained all details pertaining to my about to expire licence
    For purpose of my defence in the event of prosecution
    And if so then i shall submit to my prosecutors the expired licence solely. On the grounds that as they are show nothing but repeats.
    So no licence the goods they offer
    Have already been paid for
    And in particular their State Propaganda
    Which seems to have the needle stuck now
    Which has given rise to gruesome sounds
    Spewing out the TV speakers now
    And in order to maintain a semblance of sanity
    I only ever tune in briefly but just to check
    If the stuck needle has been attended to
    Ah but such is a waste of time is it not

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    1. If you don’t watch BBC, live or catch up, you don’t need to pay the tv tax. You won’t miss it once you are used to not tuning in, at all! You can have 100 tv sets, or computers (thy try frighten people by demanding they don’t watch on any ‘device’).

      We ditched them years ago when the aerial broke on the roof, paid a guy £90 for getting a ladder to tell us it’s inaccessible to fix, so, never looked back!

      BBC cannot harass you, ie can only write so many times, they can’t threaten you with jail in Scotland, (you cannot be sent down for debt in Scotland). So, write to them saying you no longer require their service, simple. I tell them, in relpy to their 2 yearly letters, they would have to pay me for watching their bias and propaganda!

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