Open Letter to Chief Constable and Justice Secretary on discriminatory policing of racist and anti-racist protesters

To: Iain Livingstone, Chief Constable, Police Scotland  

cc: Humza Yousaf, Justice Secretary

From: Dr John Robertson, Professor of Media Politics and Chair of the University Research Ethics Committee, University of the West of Scotland (retired 2016)

Dear Mr Livingstone,

It is with great sadness that I write to you to complain of the inhumane treatment of peaceful anti-racist protesters in George Square today and the sharply contrasting failure to control the appalling racist riot by the National Defence League on Wednesday 17th June.

I write as a long-term defender of Police Scotland against media distortions, inaccuracies and unfairness, by elements within Scotland’s mainstream media. I count more than 100 reports in the last six years. Most recently:

Police Scotland ‘ahead of the game’ in human rights-based approach to implementing lockdown.

Concern as Herald misses chance to inform us on Police Scotland success:

BBC Scotland reporting on police budget increase only serves to scare us and not to inform:

On a personal level, my experience of your officers has always been good.

So, these events come as a shock to me, re-awakening the ghost of sectarianism, an all-too-real problem in Scotland’s police forces in the past but one which I had thought had been laid to rest. I make this point after observing the quite different treatment of protesters from the Protestant tradition on Wednesday and protesters from the Catholic tradition (Celtic FC Green Brigade) today.

As a long-lapsed member of the Church of Scotland and, today, a confirmed atheist, I have no agenda here.

Finally, there is a deep irony in that my last report was written to commend your force for their human rights-based approach to implementing the lockdown. The use of ‘kettling’ today with its risk of serious harm to both protesters and police, destroys that achievement.

Ten years ago, her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Denis O’Connor, described the ‘kettling’ technique as “inadequate” and belonging to a “different era” of policing.

Yours sincerely,

John Robertson

9 thoughts on “Open Letter to Chief Constable and Justice Secretary on discriminatory policing of racist and anti-racist protesters

  1. Please if any let us know of his response if any
    Very cleverly you have cornered him
    He either sulks in his corner Or responds
    With respect dignity and honour

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  2. I had the same thoughts. Well done John.

    IMHO the Justice Sec. tore a strip off the Chief Constable after the fascists ran riot the other night. A deputy was on GMS threatening strong action against further rioting. Empty words?
    If police are not taking required action is there anything Scot Gov. can do. The FM is won’t to say “ we leave Policing matters to the Police”

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  3. Pretty sure the fishing operation to garner evidence in the Salmond case, and the fact this “Salmond Squad” were mentioned in regards to the forthcoming trials of Craig Murray and Mark Hirst show exactly what Police Scotland and The COPFS are all about.

    Protect BritNats and the Establishment.

    Persecute supporters of Scottish Independence and Constitutional Change.

    Sad state of affairs Prof, but unfortunately it looks like Police Scotland are comprised (and probably always have been).

    Like the BBC we are starting to see the truth of the situation in the cold light of Constitutional Politics.

    Wait until they start enforcing the Inquisition of if you believe in Wokism or Biological Science!!

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  4. I think it is usually just the Spanish inquisition that is unexpected, rather like Spanish flu and other pandemics. In my house, the inquisition is rarely unexpected.

    Tweet from Mr Gray, of Glasgow.

    “Michael Gray
    From basic investigation, I’ve evidence of the group behind recent & today’s Glasgow far-right demos inciting violence & racial hatred: “I will kill if I have to. If it takes killing 1 or 10,000, I’ll do it.” I’ve reported to Police this morning & shared with relevant groups.”

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  5. The police strategy was certainly odd, but I’m not about to jump to conclusion of partisan motives on the front line.
    Those who directed the strategy didn’t consider how badly it was perceived, and irrespective of any intelligence they may have acted upon there is something more sinister going on.
    There can be no doubt bringing trouble onto the streets has been the objective of right-wing manipulators, every shade of bigotry has had it’s string pulled including british nationalists “defending” war memorials from an unseen threat.
    With such a degree of orchestration, it is not impossible the police had their string pulled also..
    It will be interesting to see what response if any comes from your letter…


  6. I believe that there was complaints from several Politicians , regarding PS Uniformed Officers wearing the Union Flag on their uniforms !


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