As Scots face risk of covid-contaminated meat products will Jackson Carlaw call for resignation of Matt Hancock

A vulture flies over the factory attracted by the decaying aroma of Tory politics.

From BBC Leeds and West Yorkshire, yesterday:

A coronavirus outbreak at a meat factory was shrouded in “secrecy”, it has been claimed. Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed at Thursday’s daily briefing there had been cases in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Resident Alan Hair said he was “angry at the level of secrecy” while MP Tracy Brabin branded the announcement as “incredibly careless”. Kirklees Council said no-one at the factory was seriously ill, or had died, but the BBC understands about 100 people have been asked to self-isolate. The authority said it had not told the public about the outbreak “because it doesn’t combat the spread of the virus, compromises patient confidentiality and it could discourage businesses and organisations from coming forward in future”.

The good citizens of Kirklees were only to find this out, to their horror, when Matt Hancock announced it on TV. When the cover-up began and when Hancock knew about it is not known, yet.

Investigations by TuSC have revealed that the Kirklees meat factory is owned by Asda, so products from there will have made their way into Scottish stores.

Also, readers will remember the calls for the resignation of the Scottish Health Secretary, by Jackson Carlaw two weeks ago, based on the infection of 8 people attending the Nike conference in Edinburgh.

Will Carlaw now call for the resignation of Hancock or will he, as with the Dominic Cumming’s case, ‘lose his voice’ once more, as the First Minister put it yesterday?

2 thoughts on “As Scots face risk of covid-contaminated meat products will Jackson Carlaw call for resignation of Matt Hancock”

  1. Patient confidentiality will only be compromised if names are published, but I’m the people of Kirklees will know everyone who’s been quarantined


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