Falling crime on this scale will have multiple factors explaining it, including:

  • fewer young males being born in poorer areas
  • less unemployment
  • more inclusive school curricula
  • better policing
  • enhanced in-the-home entertainment
  • less lead in the environment
  • better government

If we’d had a Labour administration in this period, they’d be claiming at least come of the credit. If the trend had gone the other way, the SNP would be getting the blame. So, SNP-rule reduces crime.

Gordon doesn’t say as much, of course, but he lays it all out with only a few insertions required:

THE number of crimes committed in Scotland has almost halved in the past decade of SNP-rule, according to the SNP Government’s annual survey.

The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey for 2018/19, which includes crimes not reported to the police, found the volume of offences had declined by 45 per cent since 2008/09, one year after the first SNP Government got going.

Based on 5,537 face-to-face interviews, the survey also found crimes had fallen by a fifth since 2016/17.

The proportion of the Scots population who experienced a crime in 2018/19 was 12.4%, down from 20.4% in 2008/09 one year after the first SNP Government got going.

The victimisation rate is lower in SNP Scotland than in Tory England and Labour Wales, where it was 12.4% and 14.9% respectively in 2018/19.