To say it’s a ‘UK Doctors Survey’ do you just need Anas Sarwar’s brother-in-law’ to respond?

In the Guardian today:

Dozens of hospitals are running short of scrubs in the latest problem to hit the NHS over the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the coronavirus pandemic. The shortages are revealed in a survey of UK doctors undertaken by the Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK), which found that 61% said that the hospital where they worked was facing a shortage of scrubs.

If you remember a recent tweet by the Scottish Health Secretary, those claims might be a surprise. See this:

So, I’ve written to DAUK to ask for access to the data:

I won’t be holding my breath. I’ve been here before with ‘UK’ researchers, largely contemptuous of my requests for a breakdown of the data.

We’re left to wonder if the Scottish sub-sample is all related to Anas Sarwar MSP?

9 thoughts on “To say it’s a ‘UK Doctors Survey’ do you just need Anas Sarwar’s brother-in-law’ to respond?”

  1. By giving the impression that there is a one nation NHS it is going to be much easier for the Tories to implement changes in Scotland to our care services which we do not want.
    I am thinking about what will happen once the deal with Trump goes through.
    We should have re-branded the health service here in Scotland some time ago to make it clear to everyone,Scots included,that it is Scotland’s health service funded and operated by Scots for Scots.

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    1. Our health service was re-branded as the NHS by Michael Forsyth . . . . Before his actions it was known as the Scottish Health Service.


  2. At the very least I would expect the SHS to clarify these issues at the daily briefing today. I know NS does not want to make political capital out of this Pandemic but the MSM have long since used this as a further opportunity started to attack the Scot Gov and with the gloves off they must now simply stop ‘defending’ their actions and start on the offensive to dispell public concern.

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  3. I saw the article in the Guardian. You did not have to read too far into it to realise it was about NHS England. The number of doctors taking part was 638. Self-selecting? I also looked at the organisation that had undertaken the survey – there was a link to it in the article. Not exactly at the forefront of things.

    The Guardian’s headline writers are relentless in their use of ‘UK’ in their headlines when the content does not warrant it. A few short weeks ago there was an article by one of their editors about the use/mis-use of UK. Nobody working for the Guardian seems to have read it.

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  4. Easiest thing in the world.

    Just rename the NHS–the Scottish Health Service.
    The NHS in Scotland predates the establishment of the NHS, I think.

    SHS–a nice ring, and a trip-wire for the Hon Sarah and her chums in the colonial press.


  5. I followed the link to the website of Doctors Association UK and the survey was notable in its absence. Clicking on News displayed the most recent article dated 14 June is:-
    DAUK in The Evening Standard: Doctors and campaigners launch High Court challenge against Government over PPE inquiry
    No reference to “DA in the Guardian” as you might’ve expected. Do you think it’s been removed or not published?


      1. I tried their site again and saw a reference to data from the NHSPPE App used by the DAUK members where a figure of 61% (which equals the 6 in 10 comment in Guardian report) appears but is based on figures at 10 May. I tried to get a screenshot but the details disappeared and I haven’t been able to find it again. I was using an old iPad which is laboriously slow and might explain my failure.
        However, it is not good if Guardian are spouting month old figures, produced by an Association of UK doctors which is not actually a survey at all, or is it? Not if they don’t publish it.


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