On Good Morning Scotland, this morning (1 hour in) Alison Payne is introduced as ‘Allison Payne works for the think tank Reform Scotland…Alison also has children‘ and is asked then ‘As a parent what are your reactions to the plans for the next year?‘ She launches into this

I’m flabbergasted. In Edinburgh we’re looking at one day per week in the current proposal…works for nobody, it doesn’t work for pupils, it doesn’t work for parents and I don’t see how it works for schools.

That last bit makes me think, ‘spin doctor, speech writer?’

Alison is currently ‘Research Director‘ with Reform Scotland and her cv is clear there:

Alison graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in Economics and Politics in 2001. She began her career within the Scottish Conservative MSPs’ Research Unit, going on to spend four years as Head of Research. She later went on to become Political Adviser to Annabel Goldie MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservative Group of MSPs. This role included acting as adviser to the Scottish Conservative Policy Advisory Group which was independent of the party. Before joining Reform Scotland, Alison  was a senior account manager with PPS, which provides lobbying, communications and consultation advice to the property and development industry.  She also spent 10 years as a Girl Guide leader, prior to the birth of her second child in 2010.

This is by no means just a ‘mum.’ Payne is a deep insider in the Conservative Party and an accountant as opposed to an educationist. To not mention any of her background is deeply dishonest of GMS.

Footnote: How do you become a Research Director with no evidence of research training – PhD, MRes, even an honours degree with a dissertation? Girl Guide connections?