Despite desperate attempts by Jack and Carlaw, aided and abetted by Scottish Labour and the GMB, loyally broadcast by BBC Scotland, the truth will out.

A letter to the Herald this morning reminds us of the facts:

Only Westminster had the legal authority to impose a lock-down and a quarantine of ports, tunnels and airports. No other administration in the UK had these legal powers. As I stated in a previous letter, the devolved administrations were “daft” to go along with the “four nations approach”, where London was setting policy based on the SAGE advice where they were not allowed to ask direct questions.

And, a tweeted Sky News broadcast reminds us of something rarely broadcast, that the the First Minister was pushing as hard as she could for lock-down at least three weeks before it happened on 23rd March.

And, we were reminded by Edinburgh Professor Sridhar, that the WHO had called for action at the end of January, yet the UK Government chose to delay:

Do not let them tell you anything else.