In a show advertised as featuring shock revelations from two English professors claiming the UK should have locked down two weeks earlier on 9th March, Devi Sridhar, Professor of Global Public Health at Edinburgh University, had something far more powerful to tell us.

First, she told us that March 9th was ‘quite a late point to be worried about this‘ and that the WHO had declared their highest level of alarm on what coronavirus would do to our population, on the 30th January!

In the light of Boris Johnson’s repeated claims that not enough was known about the virus at that stage, she insists: ‘We knew a lot about this virus already,’ and ‘We didn’t need to wait till March even.’

Second, asked to compare the Scottish and English strategies, she was blunt in the extreme.

Looking at the current loosening of the lock-down planned for England, she saw this as a strategy whereby you allow the virus to pass through the population but control that flow enough so that it does not overload the NHS.

Prof Sridhar did not use the phrases ‘herd immunity’ or ‘take it on the chin old folk’ but that’s what it looks like to me.

Considering the Scottish strategy, she characterised it as a clear one, in contrast to the muddle in England, and one where you do not ‘let anyone be exposed to this virus who doesn’t have to be, to drive down the number of cases, to try to get towards elimination.’

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