In the Scotsman today, by former Labour speech writer and spin doctor, Gina Davidson:

The latest statistics from the National Records of Scotland, which includes deaths where coronavirus is suspected but not confirmed as no test was carried out, place Scotland third worst in the world for the number of Covid-19 deaths for every million people. With 4,000 deaths from a population of 5.454 million people, the rate of coronavirus deaths in Scotland has reached 733 for every million, behind England on 767 and Belgium on 842. The UK as a whole has the second worst record with 614 deaths for every million people.

What’s the problem? The Scottish data are unconfirmed and English data are faked.

On May 28th, the FT using the far more objective excess mortality figures reported that the UK had registered, then, 59 537 more deaths than usual since the week ending March 20th.

This would suggest 893 deaths per million, the highest in Europe. The figure for England alone will be even higher.

Also missing from the Scotsman:

SHOCK: Covid-19 mortality rate IN Scottish hospitals HALF that of UK average