No new covid-19 deaths, two days running, but still not good enough for a Reporting Scotland headline

Yesterday, BBC1 News headlined the report of zero new deaths but Reporting Scotland only considered it worthy of a brief mention in passing.

One more, today BBC1 reported it and Reporting Scotland mentioned it only in passing. Instead they headlined and developed at length two negative stories.

First we had guidelines for those shielding, staying in force until July, and being described as ‘tougher restrictions than those for the rest of us.’

Then we had the requirement of 14 days isolation for those landing at airports.

Then, we had a report on food poverty.

There was some good news but it was all about whales and dolphins. I suppose that was safe. The SNP won’t get any credit for that but some folk might think their Covid-19 strategy has something to do with the zero deaths.

And the weather now with Christopher.

Presenter: ‘I think we got away with that. Do you think they noticed the bit about no new deaths for a second day? Nah, they’d have to be really concentrating.

Imagine if BBC 1 could report two days with no new deaths? Might it be the number one headline story on both days? I think it might.

12 thoughts on “No new covid-19 deaths, two days running, but still not good enough for a Reporting Scotland headline

  1. If Bozza ever achieves it, there will be flags and fanfares and celebrations surpassing even VE Day. The Queen will reprise her girlish walkabout, dancing in the street wiv the common people.

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  2. On this matter as I posted yesterday
    Here is a update on todays data
    Since 1.6.2020 to 8.6.2020
    The ever growing disparity in new cases and deaths due to covid-19 between Scot.&Eng.

    Remember Scotland population 9.8% of England
    Scotland new cases +191
    England new cases + 2530
    I.E Scotland has 7.6% of new cases

    Scotland new deaths +53
    England new deaths +1431
    I.E.Scotlamd has only 3.7% of new deaths since 1.6.2020 and English deaths are almost 3 times higher than equivalent Scottish
    This proves beyond all doubt that our control,test, track,isolate and actual health service is by a whacking margin
    Completely out performing England
    Meanwhile MSM scurry around in the cess pit seeking dubious sources and sordid mis information to scream from the roof tops

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  3. Bit o/t, has anyone checked out the contracts handed out by westminster, without tendering. I saw an archived Financial Times article, don’t have the link, giving the figures. I took note of one of the companies, Pest Fix Ltd and the amount £109 million, to look it up. Unless there are more than one Pest Fix, this comlany was incorporated in 2011 with two directors, went dormant in 2016/17. It was still dormant in Oct 2019 going by the confirmation to Company House. It looks to have only one director, John Mathew England born in 1942. They were vermin control 2011 till 2016, almost dormant as long as active, then are awarded a government contract for £109m for PPE.
    Is this a DomCum dead cat? Or a another ruse like, the tests are in the post. This time, we are purchasing the PPE from England.


    1. Per Companies House ( it was a dormant company every year from incorporation on 2 Dec 2012 to at least 31 Dec 2018 (the latest year for which accounts have been filed. The accounts to 31 Dec 2019 are due to be filed by 3 Sep 2020. There are 2 directors: Joseph John England (b Oct 1942) and Matthew John England (b Oct 1976), which looks like a father and son family business.

      The contract was widely reported in English newspapers with Pestfix being stated to employ 16 people and have net assets of a mere £18k, so it’s clearly an industrial minnow specialising in pest control, not PPE manufacture, and clearly no longer dormant. I wonder why a pest control firm with no track record so far at Companies House should get a government contract worth £104m? I also wonder if the Englands are donors to the Tory party?

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      1. I think that artic,e was refering to pest control in 2015, the three vermin control operations of the Englands were doing nothing, Pest Fix was classified as dormont in 2015 through to 2019 and their other two enterprises, Dragon Idustries Investment and Radiant Holdings weren’t registered till the 30th April and the 11th May 2020. All shares, in all five companies are held by the directors only. The shares are £1 nominal and there are just over a 1000. I don’t know what it is about.


  4. Meanwhile in alternative reality Guardian headline today

    Note no quotes for word ‘Tumble’.

    The headline should be ‘cornovirus deaths at same daily rate as late lockdown and yet still Hanckock insists easing lockdown is ‘following science”.


    1. John Mathew, born 1942, may have died or resigned. It still left at least three other younger Englands, one other John Mathew (born 1976) a Joseph and a joseph Daniel, making both of you – Jake & Coinneach – likely correct.
      The Englands have five business interests, three are to do with pest control; Pest Fix, Pest Contracts and Bird Fix. Two have just been incorporated, Dragon Industries on 11th May 2020 and Radiant Holdings confirmed on the 30th April. No other shareholders outwith the Englands.
      It all smells as bad as giving the ferry contract to a company with no ferries. I only hope it is so Hancock can use the sleekit words, “but the ppe comes from England” I am heartedly sick of it all though.

      Question; in a declared national emergency can the government tendering process be jettisoned?


      1. Question
        Can they award contracts
        Answer it matters not To Them anyway
        Because is it rather obvious from all their similar actions that the elite powerful
        Are fully engaged in now due to the pandemic in the act of plundering of what meagre fiscal resources that are in the Treasurary
        After all it is not their debt to pay off but
        That of the Taxpayer

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