Yesterday, BBC1 News headlined the report of zero new deaths but Reporting Scotland only considered it worthy of a brief mention in passing.

One more, today BBC1 reported it and Reporting Scotland mentioned it only in passing. Instead they headlined and developed at length two negative stories.

First we had guidelines for those shielding, staying in force until July, and being described as ‘tougher restrictions than those for the rest of us.’

Then we had the requirement of 14 days isolation for those landing at airports.

Then, we had a report on food poverty.

There was some good news but it was all about whales and dolphins. I suppose that was safe. The SNP won’t get any credit for that but some folk might think their Covid-19 strategy has something to do with the zero deaths.

And the weather now with Christopher.

Presenter: ‘I think we got away with that. Do you think they noticed the bit about no new deaths for a second day? Nah, they’d have to be really concentrating.

Imagine if BBC 1 could report two days with no new deaths? Might it be the number one headline story on both days? I think it might.