There are times when I think why go like on this? All our readers are ‘woke’ to the lies, distortion and mere clickbait being generated by some Herald writers with a Unionist agenda. Then someone writes to say thanks for enabling them to see what’s going on, so I think, one new convert every week or so is still worth it.

Today, Tom Gordon, who surely knows what he’s doing, employs the ‘after’ word to imply that Scottish hospitals have failed their patients and irresponsibly scare your granny before she’s admitted for that long-needed hip operation .

Reporting Scotland loved the word last year when they were drooling over headlines like: ‘Baby dies ‘after’ infection linked to pigeon droppings!’

It’s an almost perfect word for implying blame when none can be proved:

Baby dies after his gran sooks a pan drop

82 year-old dies after bus passes window

The headline used today is more feckless than most after being scuppered by the opening paragraph:

ALMOST a thousand patients have developed coronavirus after being admitted to Scottish hospitals for other conditions, it has emerged, raising fears the disease has been rampaging in the NHS. All were patients on non-Covid wards who either acquired the infection from staff or other patients, or who brought it in with them before showing symptoms.

See that last bit? So, we can’t tell from the statistics how many might have been in the latter category who did not get it after being hospital.

I have an agenda here so we’ll need something more than just my unsupported view. I know, how about this:

In Winter 2019/20 there were multiple ward closures due to Norovirus outbreaks in England but none in Scotland, suggesting that the latter, because of in-house cleaning, are extremely clean and that most infected patients got the virus before being admitted:

Finally, fears the disease has been rampaging through the NHS? That is so ill-founded, so scare-mongering it’s a parody of journalism. If it wasn’t dangerous it would be funny.