4% of the population yet only 1% of the Covid-19 deaths

In the Herald today:

Matt Hancock has insisted “black lives matter” as he published a new review which found black, Asian and minority ethnic people were at significantly higher risk of dying from the coronavirus. The study, from Public Health England, looked at the risk factors for coronavirus and found BAME individuals had a much higher risk of death than white people as do those from poorer backgrounds, men and anyone who is obese or suffering from diabetes.

Might a writer for a Scottish newspaper ask the obvious question as to the situation in Scotland or just assume it will be the same? It’s easy to answer:

In England:

Black and Minority Ethnic people make up 14.5% of the population in England but have had 17% of all Covid-19 deaths. However, some groups, are particularly affected. Black Caribbeans are likely to die at twice rate of their population share. Even more striking, Pakistanis are dying at three times the rate of their population share.


In Scotland:

4.1% (225 000) of the Scottish population is recorded as one of the non-White ethnic minority groups yet they only make up 1% of the Covid-19 deaths.



I always hesitate with numbers but that difference between 1% and 17% looks significant, enough to want to explore the reason why. I suspect our MSM may not be interested.

Footnote: Even if we extract the Asian group, 2.6% of the population, they have only 0.9% of the deaths.

Footnote 2: Were any of the 8.9% unrecorded BAME? Doesn’t even the low-level subconscious racism, all-too-common, suggest that to a ‘white’ recorder, ‘white’ skin will be less notable?