NHS Tayside treats 98% of emergency patients within 4 hours and is second-best in UK!

Readers may remember the BBC Scotland health correspondent referring to Tayside’s oncology department as ‘dysfunctional’ after they used a lower chemotherapy dose but when it emerged that the patient outcomes were no different, forgetting to apologise.

Before that their mental health services had been exposed as supposedly abusive, based on one whistle-blower and an investigation by a legal expert who clearly knew nothing of research methods and generated an enormous but largely padded report.

And before that, when they had sacked a senior member of staff for financial, not-criminal, misjudgements, they spent days on the case with reports peppered by indignant appearances and factual inaccuracies from Jenny Mara MSP.

Throughout it all, NHS Tayside’s A&E department has been a star performer, typically the best in Scotland and by definition, the best in the UK. BBC Scotland have not reported this.

This month (April 2020) they actually came in second to NHS Orkney, on 98.7%, but, of course, are not competing in the same league.

5 thoughts on “NHS Tayside treats 98% of emergency patients within 4 hours and is second-best in UK!

  1. About a fortnight ago, there was a report that the waiting time between being referred and being seen by NHS Tayside for child mental health was ONE DAY! The national target is something like 18 weeks (my memory is not to be relied on for this figure) and around 6 months ago the actual waiting time in Tayside was around 27 weeks (again, be careful). This was around the time BBC Scotland was describing NHS Tayside as ‘dysfunctional’ (not an opinion, but a ‘fact’ (BBC Scotland definition)).

    A spokes person was questioned about this on Good Morning Scotland, in tones of mourning, with distinctly surly, unanimated questioning and absolutely no congratulations.


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