This letter by ‘Letters’ in the Herald seems to base its argument on currency uncertainty affecting the ability to borrow and the collapsed oil prices but, if we had left the Union by, say 2016, we’d have had several years of quite high oil prices and be using the Euro.

Far more important we’d only be watching with sadness the horrors that the Johnson regime is inflicting on the people of Rumpuk. Like the other small nations of Northern Europe, we’d have locked down weeks earlier and, crucially, we’d be controlling the flow of air travellers into Scotland.

Probably, after earlier private care home scandals, such as that in 2015, we’d have long since had a review leading to nationalisation and integration within the NHS.

Our own government departments would have developed their own trading links for PPE.

Free movement within the EU would have ensured no staff shortages in health or care services and our universities would have attracted some of the best medical researchers to help in this fight.

I could go on, but speed is of the essence here and readers must also get the chance to have their say.

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