It’s our money!

Typically ignorant of the nature of taxation in the UK over centuries, the Scottish Tories try to tell us we should be grateful for Westminster’s generosity with this supposed handout.

This tweet offers part of the response:

Here’s another part:

It is an accepted fact that every year for 30 years Scotland has generated more tax revenue per head for the UK treasury than the rest of the UK.  The latest figures taken from the Government Expenditure and Revenue Report Scotland (GERS) state that Scotland generated £800 more in tax per person than the UK average.  Scotland would have been £8.3 billion better off than the UK over the past 5 years.

Readers will have plenty to say on this I feel sure:

4 thoughts on “It’s our money!”

  1. This is at the core of the argument unionists use for justifying not having democratic accountability in Scotland.
    “England subsidises Scotland” is their mantra.
    Since Scotland’s true economic position is still a UK state secret,for the above reasons,assumptions have to be made about an independent Scotland.
    Not sure that after this pandemic,where people have realised that there are more important things than having a certain amount of cash in their bank account,that this “fact” will remain top of the dependency totem pole.
    When your country doesn’t have the necessary powers to protect it’s citizens from illness and premature death then,things other than money become much more important.
    And of course,people are now realising where that money comes from (the Magic Money Tree) and that there is no reason why we couldn’t have one as well.

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  2. Please tell them to issue a bill for such
    Which we will gladly accept but conditional that we return it and attached to it is our bill for the misappropriation of 46 Billion Barrel of oil
    And upon return of their credit note
    Then we can fairly negotiate the conditions of the monies they owe us
    Normal Business practice
    I believe it is called a Final Account to be agreed upon termination of a contract such as The Act of Union

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