Smith has a theory about Scotland. As you might expect from a Herald writer, he’s not using Scottish data for evidence:

Ooooh, interesting. Would it be worth having a look at Scottish data? I’ll do it for you:

So more SNP supporters support the SG’s canny, stay-at-home, message than Tories do. It’s a bit narrower than the UK figures Smith prefers, above. Maybe SNP supporters tend to approve of an SNP government without it telling you that much about their deeper preferences?

Wait, what’s this? The figures are exactly the same for Scottish Labour and Conservative voters.

Is that a problem with the theory?

I suppose you could have looked at the Scottish data in that poll you mentioned? You’d see if Scottish Tories were of the same opinion as those ‘in the UK.’ If you’d given a reference, I could’ve looked myself.

More than once, I’ve found Scottish Tories to be the least in line with Tory dogma of any regional sub-group.

In an Opinium on 28th-29th May, 39% of Tory voters in Scotland, trusted the FM on covid-19 information: