BBC Scotland’s new boy learns how to exploit personal trauma

Wallace-Lockhart doing his mouth-stretching exercises to amuse shoppers

I can’t watch BBC Scotland’s new cub-reporter, David Wallace Lockhart. The caricatured accent and over-elocuted mouth-stretching is just too much for me. I know, I’m being superficial.

Luckily he’s writing for their website too so I can give his utterances the respect they deserve. He has clearly learned quickly from Lisa Summers on how to take a single traumatic incident, present it with melodrama, foreground angry relatives, leave key explanatory context out, or till later, and imply it must be part of a wider crisis for which the government of the day must be blamed.

He’s written this:

Straight-off, I thought, is that sort of quite violent resuscitation you see on TV too dangerous for an 88 year-old? And, for legal reasons, are the staff not obliged to show they’ve gone through the proper procedures to protect the patient from further trauma and to leave evidence for the relatives to see?

Lockhart has learned his craft well. The explanation confirming the above is kept until the 16th line by which time you are well-titillated.

And, what’s this middle-name thing? I only started using mine because there are so many John Robertson’s around I was being accused of saying things some of them had said, and one of them is a bit potty-mouthed.

He didn’t always:

Physical presence 3! Harsh just because he’s wee?

So, does the inserted ‘Wallace’ look like an affectation, like a personalised car number plate or wearing your rugby club shirt with the collar up?

Footnote: I see Davey worked for 4 years, to 2018, for Mentorn Media and produced Question Time for some of that. Remember them? Accusations of seeding the audience with extremists of a racist or extreme Unionist persuasion, to undermine Corbynist or Scottish Nationalist panellists?

10 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s new boy learns how to exploit personal trauma

  1. So another little twister of the truth, where do they find them.
    Wallace, hmm, maybe the other two nanes didn’t sound Scottish for what was required in the line of fake unionist Britnat journalism.

    He should ditch the pretendy lefty jaiket and beard as well. A true fake all round with a lucrative living to be made conning people. They say those working for the BBC news lol, are vetted for their political allegiances. he will go far then.

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  2. One of the reasons I read your blog every day John, is because I never watch the B.B.C “news”. Haven’t done since the independence referendum. Well done, and keep up the good work. I’ll stick to leafleting and canvassing. A lot easier.

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    1. I read John’s blog every day but unlike you I also have a look at BBC and other media always good to know what your enemies are saying the lies they spread.
      <Keep up the good work John ,need more like you.

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  3. Your a big feartie , you leave it to minions like me to do the heavy lifting do you , just had to listen to Gary Robertson tell the Chief nursing officer how the Scotgov were to blame for care home deaths , then he cut her off when she was about to reply , bad line you know 😂

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  4. One of the most-nasty wee shites I ever met in my 50-years in journalism (and I’ve met a few) was a long-term BBC man. He did, however, have a wonderful view of what it took to get on inside BBC Scotland, since he always said: “anyone can get on in the BBC, provided they like walking about with half a dozen knives sticking out of their backs.”

    There you have it, from one who knows – a nasty organisation full of nasty people.

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    1. There are 2 ways to describe the BBC
      1. A Den of ineqiutaby
      Or a new title
      2. ABC
      Which in full is
      Absurdtistan Broadcasting Coporation


  5. Ah but the clever shepherd always lets the young pup of a collie dug
    Have a few run outs amongst the sheep
    Under the tuteledge of their most trusted
    Faithful auld dug
    The purpose of which is that when the young whipper snapper steps out of line
    It soon gets put back in its place by the auld heid
    Such often continues till the young one truly knows what it can and cannot do
    Then and onlythen can the wee beastie get a treat from the crooked shepherd

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  6. For older readers, David W-L’s delivery me of a line from Andy Gray some decades ago on Naked Radio or similar; and I’ll have to invent the first couple of issues because it’s only the punchline that I remember properly. He said –

    . . and now we hand over to the newsroom for an analysis of the big events of the day. Will the new constitution bring democracy back to Spain? Can the Shah hang on to power in Iran? Are Sheena McDonald’s jaws wired thegither?


  7. there is something seriously concerning about comments made about this guy trying his best scots are a very uncharitable tribe good luck dwl


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