In the Herald:

Scotland’s coronavirus death rate is one of the worst in the world, according to a statistics expert. The situation in Scotland has been described as ‘particularly acute’, according to Jamie Jenkins, former head of analysis for the ONS. He told The Sunday Times that the excess death rate of people in Scotland, which tracks deaths above the normal level, is higher than Italy and the United States, however is lower than the UK as a whole.

Here’s the situation in Europe:

At the peak of the infection in April, Scotland’s death rate was one of the lowest in Europe:

Over the last ten weeks, the average Z scores suggest England has nearly 3 times the Scottish excess mortality rate:

In Fig. 4 excess z-scores for Britain and Ireland are plotted. The average z-score from week 10-20 are:

  • England 19.89
  • Scotland 7.63
  • Wales 7.07
  • Northern Ireland 3.31
  • Ireland 0.84

England does extremely badly on this measure.