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By Brenda Steele:

Ian Murray is getting a lot of press mileage out of the  Nike Conference “Cover-up”

Murray continues to probe over Nike conference in Edinburgh

More than 70 Nike employees from around the world attended the conference in Edinburgh on 26 and 27 February 2020, and a BBC investigation found that at least 25 people linked to the event contracted Covid-19, including 8 in Scotland.At the weekend, in the Mail on Sunday, it was reported that several workers who came into contact with delegates, including kilt-fitters in Edinburgh and staff who shared a building with Nike in Glasgow, who also became unwell with flu-like symptoms a short while later – but were not contacted by health officials or told about the Nike link.

Mr Murray is concerned about the case of Gillian Russell whose concerns are described here and in several other articles in the Scottish press.

Coronavirus: Kilt maker at virus-linked Nike conference fears she ‘unwittingly spread COVID-19’Gillian Russell tells Sky News she developed flu-like symptoms after coming into close contact with Nike delegation members.

but note when the fitting took place and how many people were kitted out.

Ms Russell, a shop manager, helped to fit hire kilts for 10 Nike delegates, five men and five women on 24 February. Soon afterwards, she and several colleagues began to feel unwell.

It was on 24th February,  two days before the conference (26-27 February) and the number of people she kitted out matches the Scottish contingent of colleagues. 

So how did the ScotGov learn about the problem?

According to

Health Protection Scotland alerted by international authorities about one person, not from the UK, who tested positive after attending the conference. The public is not informed.

This report may be related, if one assunes that the Standard didn’t get the facts totally accurately.

About 150 employees of the US sportswear giant were told to stay at home after a colleague returned from an overseas trip to one of the worst-hit areas, the Standard understands.

So we have someone who had close physical contact with the Scottish colleagues two days before the Conference began – two days before the rest of the attendees arrived. 

Why should Health Scotland have informed her or done tracing on her?

If Mr Murray spent a little more time gathering the facts, and a little less time making statements to the press, we would all be a lot better off.

And those flu-like symptoms? Well it is unlikely that it came from the fitting session, isn’t it?