I can’t believe the public has lost faith in ME!

If there was to be a General Election in the United Kingdom in the near future, when it is safe for an election to be held, for which party would you vote?  

With support across the UK holding up at 43%, in this poll by Redfield & Wilton on 27th May, with a Scottish sample of 135:

  • Con: 16%
  • Lab: 22%
  • LD: 12%
  • SNP: 47%
  • Green: 1%

This seems to confirm the damaging effects of Cummingsgate or Barnard Castle Portcullis, on Tory support in the last few days. This was apparent in the Survation poll giving the Tories less than 10% support and in the YouGov poll putting them at 20% down from 24% in the previous week.

As the United Kingdom responds to the coronavirus pandemic, who do you think would be best to have as Prime Minister to handle this crisis?

With support for Johnson across the UK holding up at 44%, Scots were less impressed:

  • Boris Johnson: 27%
  • Keir Starmer: 24%
  • A N Other: 49%